Blogging: Important tips for the beginners to create an excellent blog!

Millions of people in the US suffered job loss or wage deduction, after the great economic depression in the US. In this tough economic situation, most of the young people are unemployed. Therefore, these young people are looking for various ways to make money, as the job market has not recovered yet from the blow […]

iPhone5 – Flaunt your smartness

Well..There was the big news…the excitement…and the much created hype about Apple’s iPhone5 hitting the market. So it is here… with a big splash and already creating waves by its sales figures around the world. Apple boasts of its high speed chip, super fast wireless technology, bigger display and an 8mp i sight camera yet […]

3 Tips to writing heavy traffic generating guest posts

A way of building links for your site is by guest posting, it has been an effective method of traffic generation over the years. It helps to rise fast on Google page ranking. Guest post means, writing an article to be posted on another blog, in appreciation for the good job, the site owner gives […]