Are you ready for a Smartphone?

Are you ready for a smartphone?

A great product There is no denying that Smartphone are innovations that have taken the telecommunication industry by storm. They have completely changed the concept and the purpose of cell phones. Before Smartphone were developed, the phones were merely a means of communication by calls or text messages with occasional pictures and listening to music. […]

Can blogs be used to make money?

Can blogs be used to make money?

A means to express The thing which attracts most people to the field of blogging is the fact that it provides an excellent medium to make sure that the world listens to what you say. It gives you a mode to express yourself and explain your stand to the world. The blogs are directed to […]

IM Creator vs. SquareSpace – a comparison review

IM vs Squarespace

Geocities and Tripod, has given to a new lineage of modern browser-based design tools, like IM Creator and SquareSpace. These two designing tools have managed to change the face of the designing world and facilitated the formation of many image-rich and stunning websites, within a short duration.   More about IM Creator IM Creator helps […]