Webydo: Design, Manage, Publish and Participate

Until recently, web design was aa two-pronged industry resting primarily on WordPress and Do-It-Yourself website building solutions. No need to explain that the former was reserved for professionals (web design agencies and freelancers), while the latter – for the novice. In the first case, designers would create custom themes and wait for coders to convert […]

Why Paper Matters: Printing Invitations Professionally for Special Events

If you’re planning printing invitations professionally for a special occasion like your wedding, a corporate launch or your grandparents 50th anniversary you must take into account that paper quality is just as important as the text itself! The material you print on can make -or break- your special invites. Invitations are your event’s first impression. […]

Phablets set to rule the world

Phablets set to rule the world

Before everyone starts to ponder over the form factor enabling the phone to be considered as a Phablet let’s give an insight! Phablet is a mobile device having a screen size in between 5-6.9 inch (cohered with the help of Wikipedia!) Phablets have been roaring success in the Smartphone market considering the slew of media […]