Fuck you Bitches & ur Dogs


Ok, so anyone who reading this, is somehow involved in this.


Disclaimer: I am not specifying her name or specific details because that will not be right. I am not a dog/bitch like her. So, if you wanna comment, go ahead but don’t mention specific names of the victim. Thanks for understanding. Read it from starting to end, it worth it :p


Her Intro (wo kaun Ch#tiy@ h):


This is about a slut who thinks, 2-3 kutto k sath Bed share (boys reading this can try too) karne se wo Rohtak ki maharani ban gyi, ushe ye nhi pta (sayad) ki wo kutte hamne hi paida kiye h. Jitne kutro ko Rohtak m wo Janti h, us se zyda mere whatsapp contacts h, us se 500 guna mere twitter followers h, us se 10000 guna mere website readers h , and finally wo soch nhi sakti kitni guna zyda meri respect h, anyway i don’t give a fuck about that bitch.


My Intro:

A cool guy who have grown quite a many haters because of success, who owns many a sites online, who is followed by 30000 People on social media, who serve content online to lacs of readers, who have clients from various companies, who is Financially Independent at the age of 17, who owns many gadgets with his own financial power.

Who is a friend of one and all (except few dogs and bitches), who loves facing problems.

Average student

Ab maine sab kuch bta diya to wo suicide kar legi sun-sun kar.


Continued after her Intro……


Kuch hote h jinke aage piche kuch nhi hota, wo unhi m se h, kal k marte aaj mar jaye, koi Shamshan ghat p mutne b na jaye. Anyway, again who cares??????? Me??? not at all Bitch!
M tere muh b nhi lagna chayta, do you know what? Tere aage piche kuch nhi, tu road p nangi khadi ho sakti h, ham nhi.  because you are a bitch and everyone know that.


Ab bat aati h contacts ki, as i said in starting 2-3 kutto k sath Upar niche hone se tujhe lagta h tu kisi ka kuch b kar sakta h, i don’t really know kabhi tera kisi se panga hua h ya nhi, but mujse panga lene ki himmat mat kariye. God sake, you didn’t challenge me openly otherwise mujhe ye likhne ki zarurat hi nhi padti bcoz tu hoti hi nhi padhne k liye. Anyways, Bitch!!! Jitne colleges ka tujhe nam pta h, unse zyda k Launde mujhe achi tarhe jante h,  ye frustration nhi h, warning h.

Agar ye afwah b fail gyi ki, kisi n mujhe aise aise kha to, i can’t even think what will happen. Tu sari zindagi pach tayegi (oh wait!!! zindagi to bachegi hi nhi :p)

And one more thing, agar aage se mere muh lgi to upar se niche tak ki shape change ho jayega.



Finally a message from me, what i think about you:



Don’t ever think you are beautiful, you have zero size, or you are attractive. Kuch hote h jinhe koi nhi milti and they search for Timepass bitches, you are one of them.




Thanks and Regards

Jatin (always a step ahead from his haters)


Fuck you bitch! This is for her colleagues too!!!


Anyone wanna express his/her views? Comments are open anyway!!! Welcome to MY blog!!! Aaag Lga Denge 😛

Take Care!!!


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