How to Recover Deleted Messages, Contacts from Android Phone

You may go through such experiences as data lost with unknown reason. How did it affect your life? Same as you, one thing that all adults have in common is that they made it through such bad experiences. As the owner, you can delete, rename, and move any files and directories piece by piece at […] Review – Recharge your Mobiles online

mobikwik recharge is one of the leading mobile recharge and bill payment websites in India. It helps the people to get their recharge done and also allows them to pay their postpaid bills for different network providers across India. There are many more services provided by You can even pay your electricity, insurance, and gas […]

Phablets set to rule the world

Phablets set to rule the world

Before everyone starts to ponder over the form factor enabling the phone to be considered as a Phablet let’s give an insight! Phablet is a mobile device having a screen size in between 5-6.9 inch (cohered with the help of Wikipedia!) Phablets have been roaring success in the Smartphone market considering the slew of media […]

WhatsApp’s incapacity of making calls giving room to the rivals for the growth

WhatsApp’s incapacity of making calls giving room to the rivals for the growth

There is no doubt that WhatsApp has been the market leader as long as cross platform instant messaging apps are concern but its incapacity of making either audio or video calls giving room to the rivals to grow and snatch away WhatsApp’s users. The other rivals like Viber, WeChat has been providing this feature and […]

Best Mobile Apps for the Summer Traveler

Best Mobile Apps for the Summer Traveler

Summer is the time of year when many people are getting ready to leave their winter homes and going off to other places, perhaps far away, where they can enjoy the season. A whole business has sprung up around this fact: Hotels and resorts have sprung up in all those areas that are most often […]

6 Securities for Android operating system

Securities for Android Operating system

While Android is currently one of the most popular and powerful mobile operating systems on the planet, it’s often ridiculed for its lack of security. Some people think that hacking an Android device is simple, which has made them wary about buying one and stepping away from the iOS system or similar smartphones. It is […]

Are you ready for a Smartphone?

Are you ready for a smartphone?

A great product There is no denying that Smartphone are innovations that have taken the telecommunication industry by storm. They have completely changed the concept and the purpose of cell phones. Before Smartphone were developed, the phones were merely a means of communication by calls or text messages with occasional pictures and listening to music. […]

Mircomax Canvas HD A116 Review – Specs, Features, Performance

Micromax A116 Canvas HD

Hello Friends , Today I’m gonna tell you about a New Phablet. What does Phabletmeans ? I will tell you but First Read this Latest review of Micromax Canvas HD A116… Micromax Canvas HD A116 is a successor of Micromax Canvas II, which is already a hot selling phablet in the market. This new phablet […]