3 Tips to writing heavy traffic generating guest posts

A way of building links for your site is by guest posting, it has been an effective method of traffic generation over the years. It helps to rise fast on Google page ranking. Guest post means, writing an article to be posted on another blog, in appreciation for the good job, the site owner gives you a link back to your page. And your aim is to showcase your good work, which will encourage the readers there to also patronize you through your links.

Of what use is your guest article, if you are not getting two to three times the normal weekly or monthly traffic you record on your blog, there are some tips you need for you to produce traffic pulling guest posts.

For sure, you already know that you are to target sites that are doing fine than yours, rather than writing on a dead blog, you produce a dead link instead. The SEOmoz, SEO quake and other tools are good enough to give you clue about sites you plan to write for.

Now, the Tips to producing traffic generating guest posts

Be patient in your production

I know you are always very careful just like me, when producing contents for your blog, the same should apply for guest posts, I will suggest even more, write something better, be reminded you are targeting a site that has gone beyond you. Don’t rush it up because it will be submitted somewhere else. Of course, if your work is not up to standard, the blogger won’t accept it from you. Even if it is up to standard, you can produce something better. Your plan is to get credited by the blogger’s audience. They will always want more from you, and they will look for you, therefore write something double better than that you will write for your blog.


Never withhold the best for your site

It is good you write nice post for your blog, but don’t ignore doing better when producing a guest post. Let’s say, you daily readers is in hundreds, this time, you want to expose your work to 15,000 readers, it will be a great tragedy if you sent the bad ones out and retain the good ones for your blog, you end up the same way or worst even though you have your best content posted. You are being selfish and stingy. I discovered that when I am writing a guest post, I go extra for researching, as well as using my keywords as appropriates. Bloggers do inform me that my posts ranks better on search engines. Some do send me snapshots staying at the second or third position on the search engine.

Tips to writing heavy traffic generating guest posts

Be conscious of SEO and grammar

Try all effort to write with the best of your grammar when writing guest posts, I am not saying you should go look for big grammars, and complicate the whole thing. I am talking about simplicity, with good use of language, no slangs, and be natural. Also, let the use of keyword be in your mind when planning to write a guest post. Don’t make things difficult for your blogger friend; write what the search engine will easily pick. Don’t over saturate your keyword, as well don’t under utilize.