4 Site metrics for which you should really care about [IMPORTANT]

Hey, Do you know that your site has some metrics. There are many types of site metrics but in this article, I will show you some metrics for which you should care about. I will also list un-useful site metrics for which you should never care about.

Actually there are many bloggers that believes in some information which is not useful for them at all and some bloggers keep their concentration to improve some useful metrics and always the one who improve useful metrics wins! Yes, there are some information you will get for your site which will be completely wrong! I will prove that but first of all let me show you Useful site metrics.

1. PR (Page rank)

Page rank matters a lot! Google said that they are not taking PR in consideration while ranking sites, but in reality it is still taken in consideration. Even before some days, there was PR update only for high authority and old domains which was marked by very few bloggers.

So, If you don’t know what is meaning of PR then here is its short and simple definition,

Pagerank is the rank given to site from 1 to 10 according to site’s quality.

It is taken into consideration at a time of ranking any site. Page rank is Mainly dependent on quantity as well as quality of links. Yes i said quantity also with quality. So, If you don’t know how to check PR of your blog or PR of any other blog then here is the list of tools that can be used to get PR info.

  1. PRchecker.info
  2. checkpagerank.net
  3. cekpr.com

By using this sites, you can check PR of your site as well as PR of any other site if you want to know. If you want to make this process easy to get PR of every site you visit, then you can install Quick SEO by RankSignals. So that you can also check PR of every site you visit.

2. DA (Domain authority)

Domain authority is also a one of the most important metrics for your blog because it is also taken in consideration while ranking sites on any search query. So, More will be the domain authority, more will be the rankings for your site. If you don’t know what is Domain authority then Here is the simple and sweet definition.

Domain authority is a score of any domain whose scale is from 1 to 100 developed by Moz that predicts that how site will perform in search engines.

Unlike PR, Domain authority is updated many times a year. Recent DA update was on 24th april, 2015 and next will be on 30th april, 2015. So, This is the one thing for which you don’t have to wait a lot to get it for your site. So, there is one tool created by moz in which you can check DA of your blog.

Now let me show you that how much DA indicated what for your site.

  • 1-10 « Low DA
  • 11-20 « Average
  • 21-30 « Quite Good then average
  • 31-40 « Good DA
  • 41-50 « very good… quite less then best
  • 51-60 « BEST
  • 60-70+ « You own your niche

3. Quality and Quantity of backlinks

Yes, Quality as well as quantity matter in terms of backlinks. Quantity matters when quality of backlinks is high. If quality and quantity of backlinks you got are best then you passed from this metrics. So, How can you know that the backlinks you got are of high quality or not? Here is solution…

1. PR of page

So, you know that PR of every page on any site is different? If not then let me tell you that if Domain has PR of 3 then it doesn’t means that PR of every page of that site will be same. It may be 0,1,2 or 3. So, PR of the page from which you got backlink matters a lot!

2. DA and PA of page

Here also, DA means Domain authority and PA means Page authority. Page authority of every page of any site will be different. So, It may happen that the DA is 99 but PA of the page from which you got backlink is 1. That type of backlinks can do nothing. So, Check PA of page before creating backlink on that.

3. Links / Page

Yes, you never thought right? For instance, PR of page is 8, DA is 64 and PA is 61 and you got backlink form it. If that page will only have 4-5 external backlinks then that type of backlinks can do magic with your SEO performance while if that page has 1000 external backlinks then that backlink can do nothing.

4. Alexa rank of your blog

Alexa rank is very much popular among bloggers now a days but still if you don’t know what alexa rank means then,

Alexa is a service that ranks any site on basis of its popularity

Alexa rank doesn’t take part in search engine rankings but alexa can attract advertisers to your blog as well as it can attract traffic to your blog. Alexa can be improves using this techniques,

  • Posting blogging related articles
  • Posting article frequently
  • Posting High quality articles that users like
  • Backlinks

So, By using this, you can improve your alexa rank and by which you will be able to attract advertisers to your site.

So, this are the metrics for which you should care about. Now its time for metrics for which you should not care about.

1. Value of website tools

Yes, there are many services that will provide you price of your site or value of your site but i can prove them wrong. My site’s alexa rank is 56000 and there is one tool by which i checked worth of my site. They wrote that worth of my site is 100000$ which is not possible for 2 months old blog with only 18 articles and 200 visitors daily.

So, you should not care about this type of Metrics for your blog. Now let me show you another one,

2. Pagerank predictors

Pagerank predictors are very much popular now a days just because that generate curiosity in owner’s mind and they give PR of 1-2 as a prediction and most of them gets it wrong.

So, if you are using one then please stop using that types of tool and focus on main and useful metrics rather then using this all.


Conclusion : So, Now you know that which metrics are good for your site and which are not. So we should keep our concentration to one which is important and profitable to us. There are many other metrics for which we should care about but this are the roots of that ones. So, enjoy articles….