6 Valuable tips on SEO to boost marketing for your website in 2013

SEO or search engine optimization is basically a marketing strategy exercised to improve a website’s ranking on various search engines. With each passing day, marketing strategies are getting more advanced, so is SEO. As 2012 has almost reached its end, you must be wondering how to perk up the marketing of your website by applying unique SEO techniques in the new year.

Valuable tips on SEO in 2013Valuable tips on SEO in 2013

So here goes a list of 6 helpful tips to look forward to in 2013 for better optimization of your website.

  • Create social buzz for you site: Utilize social media platforms to spread the word about your website. Build up a following for your community and draw attention of people. In fact, social media is the most powerful platform for you to come in contact with mass. So, if improving on SEO techniques is your aim, then you shouldn’t underestimate this influential medium.
  • Make it easy for mobile search: Unlike desktop searches, mobile searches must be equipped with shorter keywords. Because mobile users basically depend on Google Auto Complete features to automatically finish off the keyword for search. So it’s very important for you to optimize your mobile website with short key phrases and meta descriptions that can fit in the mobile screen snugly.
  • Enhance your content: Content is one of the key aspects of a website. Upgrade your website content to offer something new to the mass. Let people know what new things you have in store for all in a new year. At the same time, you must also maintain the consistency of the content of your website.
  • Link your website to many other websites: Try and manage more backlinks for your website. You can try video distribution sites like Youtube and Vimeo for backlinks as these websites get huge traffic and more and more people will come to know about your website.
  • Engage guest bloggers: Blogging is an excellent way of marketing. If you aren’t still taking the advantage of blogs, make sure by 2013 you include guest blogging into your SEO strategy. Introduce more and more interactive topics and contests into your blogs and website. This will make people take part in the interactions and the traffic to your website will automatically shoot up.
  • Provide sufficient content and avoid technical troubles: If your website lacks in adequate content, then it’s quite obvious that people will avoid visiting it. Check well before posting content into your website. Your content should be rich in information and must be interesting as well. Don’t let technical problems play spoilsport. After all you wouldn’t like it if your website hangs while opening its portal.

There are many more techniques to look out for. Follow the tips notified above and start on a right note to become an expert in SEO.