A Quick Guide to Get Started with an eCommerce Store for your Business

After the advent of the internet, many industries have gone through substantial changes. Similarly, the retail sector has seen a massive change because of the increased usage of online platforms. Many stores are moving towards e-commerce website development as an increased number of people are shopping online especially since after the pandemic.

In 2021, there are 2.14 billion digital buyers which is estimated to be 27.6% of the total 7.74 billion in the world. So, putting this in simple and plain words, more than one out every three people is an online shopper.

If you are a person present in the retail business or simply thinking about having an online business. Then you have landed on the right page. Because here we are going to tell you about what e -commerce websites are? Why do you need them? and how you can easily manage to build one.

So let’s first dive into the brief intro of e-commerce stores.

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What are eCommerce Websites?

A website which allows you to buy or sell products or services online is called an e-commerce website.  The e-commerce websites can sell tangible goods, services or digital products.

EBay and Amazon are considered as the grandfathers of e-commerce.

Why create an eCommerce Store?

The growth in e-commerce is beneficial as online presence provides businesses with diverse opportunities to create connections which leads towards growth and stability. But there are more reasons below for e-commerce web development.

Access to New Markets:

An ecommerce website can help you in reaching customers and new markets online that you can’t reach only with brick and mortar sales. And for startups and small businesses, e-commerce web development is best in terms of reach and efficiency. You can access the off-shore customers too with your products consequently increasing your profit margins.

Aids in Branding:

If you sell on digital online marketplaces like Amazon etc your products are placed generically and often use the marketplace’s branding. The biggest disadvantage you are facing over here is that your brand is unknown to most of the customers. Having an e-commerce website can ensure your control over your brand. Your brand name will retain in their minds

Create an Impact on Customer’s Journey:

The online businesses contain videos and stories creating an amalgamation of unique shopping experiences as shopping encounters don’t need to end at check out. You can reach your customers via social media and emails thus helping in convincing customers that online shopping offers inclusive opportunities.

Learn About Your Audience:

E-commerce web development is the best option you can have because the ability of getting feedback from the audience helps in knowing customers’ needs and demands. Eventually helping you in the growth of your business.


The ecommerce website development cost is one-time investment. Frankly, that is much lower than having physical surroundings, hiring of workers and staff. Paying bills, going through all this stress can be painful and cumbersome. But by the development of an ecommerce website you can have leave this all behind with the additional advantage of online presence.

Data Collection:

You can analyze the behavior of the customers on your website. And in accordance with that behavior you can advertise your products to them. This helps in targeted advertising rather than wasting your efforts and resources. After the permission of the user you can collect the data of users and also analyze their future behavior.

Quick Guide to Get You Started with an eCommerce Store:

The step by step guide below can accelerate your journey towards the eCommerce store

Step 1: Finding your Product:

This is a very basic step. And important for those who are still clueless about what to sell but are enthusiastic to initiate their business online.

What you can do here is to first determine what product you want to sell. Is it tangible or intangible (service and software’s etc)? The next thing you can do is to determine whether you want to sell wholesale or directly to the customer (mostly in the case of tangible products). This is the most important and challenging part of starting a new business.

Step 2: Research Is Important:

The second step is the most crucial one. Let’s say you have found your product and now you have to determine the potential your product possesses. Other important points below can help you:

  • Thoroughly research your competition
  • Evaluate your strengths, weaknesses and opportunities.
  • How you are different and can build your position
  • See what’s trending in the market
  • Determine your key competitors and evaluate their strategies
  • Determine a roadmap to reach your customers

Writing Your Business Plan

When you have completed your research now it is time for you to write the business plan.

It is essential as it aids in deciding your priorities. It simply helps to bring your ideas and thoughts together. It will help you to avoid common mistakes and how to efficiently reach your customers. In short, the business plan can help you determine:

  • The potential hindrances or roadblocks
  • Resources you will need
  • Help in determining the viability of your idea.
  • Its branding strategy

Remember writing a business plan is solely not for entrepreneurs who want to have funding.

Step 3: Name Your Business & Choose Your Channels:

In this step determine the name of your business and also your domain name. Choosing a name can have a major effect on your business because your name is eventually your identity.

Remember! A memorable brand name automatically gives you an advantage especially when you are starting an ecommerce business. An attractive and easy to remember name can make it easy for your potential customers to remember your product name and you.

Consider it or not but this is an actual key for your long term success. Yet, these tips can help you.

  • Research the names already present in market.
  • You have to think outside the box.
  • You can use name generators present online which can aid in this respect like Namesmith,Name lix and Getsocio etc
  • Design your logo. You can hire freelance designers for this.
  • Choose via which channel you are going to promote your website. You can promote your website through social media and advertising.

Step 4: E-Commerce Website Development:

The fourth step is e-commerce web development. This is the most crucial step of all as your ideas can only be translated into reality when you have a fully functioning and user friendly website. Select the best ecommerce web development company which can aid you in making your dreams reality.  In collaboration with the web development and design company, develop full detailed pages of your products, and develop powerful and easy to use interfaces.