ASUS Coins ‘Battery Low Battery Lo!’ Mantra for Smartphone Users Haunted by Poor Battery Performance

ASUS has launched a digital video which has brought forth an end to all the battery woes for the smartphone users. Today, almost all the customers are talking about low battery on their phones. But the video has come up with the latest smartphone ZenFone Max which has long battery life and power bank feature integrated within it.

The use of mobile applications has increased and so has the need to stay online, which has emerged as one of the biggest reasons of fast draining of mobile battery. Low battery is some of the most annoying words for the smartphone users which really bothers them and interrupts their use of phone for playing, working or staying connected to the outer world. Considering such aspects, manufacturers are working to bring effective solutions for increasing the battery life of phones.

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The ZenFone Max ASUS, targets to aim the customers who gives priority to the battery life of a phone over anything else. The vox pop video displays this feature by giving a perfect response whenever anyone yells of a low battery on their phone. The video projects this low battery in a humorous way, but also extends a helping hand to such people by proving the ZenFone smart phone to the users who are in urgent need of battery.

The video can also be viewed here-

This video actually begins from the survey made with the youngsters in Mumbai, who are sharing their nightmares of having almost zero battery in their phone. Such nightmares include fights with girlfriends or worried mothers. The disappointments keep on increasing, when the girlfriend asks her boyfriend to buy a new phone instead of complaining about the low battery of the phone. Such phones are not able to sustain battery even for a short period of time, and this is when youngsters are provided with an alternative i.e. ZenFone Max. The video also captures reactions of the users when they are told that the smartphone offers 5000mAh battery life to the users and this is available at an affordable prices of Rs.10,000/-.

As per Marcel Campos, the marketing director of mobile Division, India “He says the video has been successful in highlighting one of the most common issues faced by users of smart phone and that is low battery signs.  The video thus looks realistic and thus people are able to connect with it. Along with it, a pinch of humour is added to it, to keep things light for the people. Company has been successful in spreading the message and conveying them that better battery life smartphones are available in the market at affordable prices which can be considered as an option.

‘Battery Low Battery Lo!

The ASUS ZenFoneMax, is the first phone which has 5000 mAh battery life and is capable of delivering 38 hours standby time to the users. Along with it, it gives 1.5 times longer talk time to the users using 3G. One of the most interesting features which make it different and most popular in the market is that it can be used as portable power bank for other smart phones and can also serve as a host for personal electronic devices. All that in less than 10000 rs. ASUS ZenFone is probably one of the best phones available in the market with some of the best features and amazing battery life.