Best App Lock for Android 2022

Want to rid of unwanted access to your apps? Here we list the best app lock for android 2022, which are highly useful and easy to use. These Android App locking apps provide pin, password, or pattern-based protection to lock your sensitive apps like social media, payment, messaging, galleries, etc. Many of them are like Calculator hide app lock, which offers a photo vault. 

After knowing and Installing these apps, you will never need to worry about your private data when sharing your smartphone with “friends and relatives.” Kidding, but somehow it is very accurate ūüôā¬†

Android mobile gives access to thousands of different purposes apps. Still, we often face a situation where we do not want to provide access to particular apps to other/guest users. Well, few smartphone brands have inbuilt functionality to lock your apps separately, but still, a considerable void exists, and we have a solution to fulfill it. 

Best app lock for Android to download in 2022

We have picked the top 10 android app lock apps in terms of their downloads, features, rating from users, User interface, how easy to use, and other metrics. 

Note: Their sequence in our list does not reflect their spot; we picked the best ones for you and listed them accordingly. So, we urge users to try many from the list and find the best for themselves by using the experience and features you require. 

AppLock – Lock apps & Password by SailingLab

Bravo, here we have our first and one of the best app lock for Android in the current market. Already millions of users have installed it and found it very useful for their use cases. SailingLab developed this applock, and it provides all the necessary features that a good applock requires. 

Best App lock for Android

Applock offers features to lock any social media apps like Youtube, Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger, SMS, Gmail, Settings, etc. It has a PIN and Pattern lock with random keyboard functionality to lock your apps. Another rich feature of Applock is live themes for your choice, and you will get many PIN themes and more others themes to put on your lock screen. 

Main Features of SailingLab Applock: 

  1. Very Simple, easy to use, and fast.
  2. Pattern lock with a refreshed interface and quicker access. 
  3. PIN Protection. 
  4. Home Screen Locker.
  5. Uninstallation Prevention. 

Download SailingLab Applock from here: Download Applock

Applock- fingerprint by SpSoft 

Our second most demanded android app lock download in 2022. SpSoft developers integrated all the significant features inside this app lock application. It is a very lightweight smart app lock that provides fake lock, fingerprint lock, fake lock screen, customizable pattern lock screen, and much more. This is why we placed it in second place on our list of Best App Lock for Android. 

Best App lock for Android

We found that users love its fake lock screen feature that may create a fake app crashing screen that can mislead a new or unfamiliar user from accessing your private and locked apps. Millions of users already love this app and find it is worthy of installation. You may also give it a try, and we are sure you will like our findings. 

Significant Features of Applock by SpSoft:

  1. Multiple App locks
  2. Catch Intruders 
  3. Notification Lock
  4. Fake lock Screen.
  5. Scalable and intelligent lock.

App lock download link: Download Applock

LOCKit РApp Lock, Photos Vault, Fingerprint Lock 

Looking for an all-in-one android app lock with advanced security and features, we suggest you try this LOCKit app locker download. Lockit apps offer valuable features like a photo-safe vault, privacy status, intruder selfie, notification lock, free themes, etc. 

Best App lock for Android

Lockit offers you to lock various specific apps like settings, google play store, and notification bar so that you can manage your high priority and sensitive data quickly. Besides, you can also prevent deletion and app lock from the play store or setting. 

Install:  Download LockIt

Invymobile Applock: 

Invymobile developed an applock apk for android users to control their apps to prevent their access and private data. It is one of the best android app locks, with many utilities and beneficiary tools. Like other tools, it also has essential features like Intruder selfie, record time and data, applock icon management, lock-on/off frequency, and more. 

Best App lock for Android

If you tried the above other app lock and didn’t find it satisfactory, I suggest you try this app. It has a straightforward and clean user interface that is easy to use and manage your apps. Also, the feature of replacing the icon of the app lock can be a game-changer for you.¬†

Install: InvyMobile Download

App Lock Master ‚Äď Lock Apps & PIN & Pattern Lock

Well, still didn’t find a perfect match? Then your search is near to end because App lockmaster is an allrounder with solutions to multiple problems. App lock master offers various essential features and some advanced and unique features.¬†

Best App lock for Android

Some of the core features of the App lock master are App lock functionality, lock systems, install/uninstall prevention, multiple lock options like pin, pattern, and many free themes. It has some advanced features, e.g., Fingerprint lock, intruder selfie clicker, replace app icon, hide app lock icon, private SNS, and much more. 

Install: Download Applock Master Apk 

Lock your Apps using the Best Android App lock 

Hey Reader, this is, and you are reading our article for best app lock for android 2022. Below you will find a list of android app locks, one of the best and tested by our tech team. Still, you find any improvement, do not forget to mention it in below comment section. 

Above shared, all the apps are best and highly rated by users with mixed reviews about their features, user interface, and accessibility. We hope you will get the best one for your use case from all of them. Still, you did not find any worthy app lock app; please do not forget to share your opinion in the comment section.