5 Best Smartphones You Can Buy For Hardcore Gaming

We are living in an era where smartphones are unleashed now and then. More high speed gadgets are introduced in the market, with much consideration of the specifications. One cannot sit back and ignore the paramount importance that the smartphones have brought in our modern generation. Every individual who goes to the market is much intrigued by the premium features that a phone has, hence pegging a lot of interest on the memory space. In the modern world of gamers, the person would go for a super-fast phone that would assist them in their gaming journey. There is rampant demand for gaming smartphones, predisposing the users to all sort of both quality and fake phones. Gaming is playful and interesting which has attracted people since time immemorial. It is therefore advisable to choose your gadget well, before going to the market. There exist a number of smartphones which can give you an appealing experience. We present to you a list of best smartphones that can assist you in your journey of gaming. You can enjoy exclusive offers on smartphones by visiting Frugaa and stand a chance to save on cost.

OnePlus 5

Oneplus 5 is a dual camera that is well recognized for its ability to offer varied features that are interesting to the user. It is particularly used for intense gaming and therefore anyone can choose to settle on it. Its flagship proved a myriad blend of display features that gives the end user a comforting and relaxing experience while using it. Further it has a full HD display that is appropriate for the gamer. Additionally, the rounded design offers a sleek experience while gaming. It is important to note that this phone has a dash charge that keeps the phone cool and also has a DND mode that temporarily switches off the soft keys while gaming. This ensures that the gamer is not interrupted by regular taps while the game is in progress. Notably, RAM is one of the core component of consideration when choosing the type of phone you can buy. OnePlus 5 has an internal memory of 128GB, which is perfectly matched with the role of gaming.

Galaxy S8+

Galaxy S8 plus is a larger version of Galaxy S8. The new model has higher and better functionality compared to the older models of Samsung. It is equipped with handy features which facilitate the gaming activities. With the round and sleek edges, the phone is well designed to suit the said function. One of the most striking property of this phone is the longevity of the battery. Any gamer is interested with the phone which can last long when gaming. Galaxy S8+ has gone beyond and satisfied this requirement fully. It takes you to another level of gaming with its boundless screen and graphics that takes you to immersive fun. It has 4GB worth of RAM and 64 GB internal memory which are sufficient to provide a good gaming experience.

Honor 8 Pro

Another device which is traditionally known for its speed in processing. The phone prides itself with a sleek body that gives the user a perfect experience while gaming. It operates in the latest Octa core krin 960 processor. It has high definition gaming experience with minimum lagging and also provides HD display that matches well with the requirements of the user. Further, its battery capacity is enough to support intense gaming. The battery has 4000mAh battery capacity. This is a device which is truly designed for speed.

Google Pixel

This was the first phone to offer the brilliant feature of Google assistant. By then, it was recognized as the best camera phone since it produced well refined photos which impressed the viewer. Its popularity in modding is untamed. Currently, it has been identified as one of the best gaming smartphone. It has enough internal memory of 128GB and processing speed of 4 GB. The feature enables it to be extremely multitasking and reduces the chances of lagging. Importantly, it operates on quad-core processor hence offering plethora features. Google pixel has been embraced in the current era, with almost every person seeking to use the phone to actualize their gaming quest. Its popularity cannot be negated and is still sought widely due to its simplicity in usage. This is a top tier in the gaming aspect. The latest Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL too are awesome and deliver great gaming performance. One can choose between Pixel 1 and 2 depending on the budget.

iPhone 8 plus

The iPhone 8 plus is widely known for its swift performance and speed. It is supercharged by the most powerful A11 Bionic Chip, which makes it to have a long life battery. The ability to multitask is a well-recognized feature of this phone, owing to its strong operating system. Along, it exhibit great graphics which provides colorful display for the gamer. Continued use of this phone leaves a long-lasting experience which is worth remembering. It is important to note that the high processing speed and huge internal memory contributes to better performance of this phone.

A lot of smartphones are surfacing and a wide range of them can afford hard core games. The phones listed above are good not only for gaming but also for multitasking. Ready to pick one? Invest your money on any one of them and you will never regret.