Surprising Tips to Enhance Your Internet Security Like a Cyber Safety Expert

Internet Security and Its Usage: Everyone is well aware of the extensive usage of the internet these days. The best source anyone can get for obtaining a piece of information is none other than the internet. It is fast, easy to use, and accessible to almost everyone. But while using the internet, people don’t care … Read more

Utilizing Cryptocurrencies in VR World: Cappasity, VibeHub, Decentraland

As if cryptocurrencies and Virtual Reality weren’t enough to keep us busy on their own, creators are now merging the two technologies into one platform where one gives you access to the other and vice versa. The names of the projects are many and they will certainly keep growing. Nevertheless, because some always start first … Read more

Learning and Development in Asia, be a part of Change – Anirudh Gupta

“Learning, learning and continuous learning, ladies and gentleman, is the key differentiator to become a successful organisation.” These words were very powerfully and animatedly stated by the Head of HR of a large Indian Conglomerate at an L&D conference, in Mumbai. Almost all organisations talk about the importance of learning and development, however few do … Read more