apple ios 9

iOS 9 Early Release Knocks at Door

Nobody would put a doubt to iOS 8’s reputation of being a near-perfect operating system for Apple’s mobile device. However, even the fans would agree that iOS 8 is filled with...
asus zenfone c

Asus Zenfone C – Impressive budget smartphone

Asus has launched a new smartphone Zenfone C (ZC451CG) in India at an affordable price of Rs 5,999. It is a budget smartphone with lot to offer. It looks quite impressive...
WinX DVD ripper

WinXDVD Ripper Review- Best Free DVD Ripper

Since the discovery of video camera, the entertainment industry had been growing continuously. The technology had influenced the improvement in technical gadgets and devices. This had made way to many devices...
most reliable antivirus for computers

Grab the most reliable antivirus for computers at an affordable charge

Everyone wants to get the best and quality packed material, at a competitive rate. If an individual wants to take the benefits of antivirus software, then he should select the most...

Why Paper Matters: Printing Invitations Professionally for Special Events

If you're planning printing invitations professionally for a special occasion like your wedding, a corporate launch or your grandparents 50th anniversary you must take into account that paper quality is just...
WhatsApp’s incapacity of making calls giving room to the rivals for the growth

WhatsApp’s incapacity of making calls giving room to the rivals for the growth

There is no doubt that WhatsApp has been the market leader as long as cross platform instant messaging apps are concern but its incapacity of making either audio or video calls...
Securities for Android Operating system

6 Securities for Android operating system

While Android is currently one of the most popular and powerful mobile operating systems on the planet, it’s often ridiculed for its lack of security. Some people think that hacking an...
Are you ready for a smartphone?

Are you ready for a Smartphone?

A great product There is no denying that Smartphone are innovations that have taken the telecommunication industry by storm. They have completely changed the concept and the purpose of cell phones. Before...

The Waterproof Smartphone Fujitsu F-074 – Full Specifications, features and price

Now a days there are many companies on rush to grab a good position in market trying there level best in making product which will help them to achieve there target....

Go the Distance with HDBaseT HDMI Extenders over a single Cat5e/Cat6 cable

HDMI Extenders with HDBaseT supportare used with high-definition LCD displays, projectors and televisions. They are also required when viewing 3D videos and games. Often a new HD display doesn’t...



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