CES 2019 Preview: Some cool products not to Miss

CES 2019, the world’s largest consumer electronics show, have made its return back in the fabulous city of Las Vegas to showcase many of the new innovative techs that we can expect to be released in the later months of this year. You can see everything from the latest wearable to the new smart technical gadgets for your smart homes.

CES 2019 Preview

There is a lot to see as about 4000 tech companies are showing their tech this year. From the 5G phones to the latest AI driven tech are to be showcased in CES 2019. This is article is about some of the cool technology gadgets that you might not be aware of that are present in the showcase. So scroll down to read on about the interesting new CES cool products.

Smart Belts and Innovative Smart Shoes

The smart belt is the invention of Welt Corp. it can analyze your walking style and pattern to detect the potential fall while walking. It is of great use for all the diet and weight conscious people. It can keep you on your diet track and send you a notification to stand or scold you for overeating junk. The belt has been released in the market.

Smart belts and innovative smart shoes from Welt Corp.

The smart shoes, on the other hand, comes with built-in sensors. They are available in subscription basis-available in monthly, and yearly subscriptions are the product of a French company named E-Vone. The company declares that the smart shoe consumer will have a new pair of shoes every year for the price.

The Smart MailBox

The smart mailbox by danbyIf you are worried for porch thieves, you can have the parcel guard by Danby. It is a steel slab that lets the mailman slip the package from the top. It has a camera in it which detects and confirm that the package has arrived safely to your place. It has a digital guard with a code that the owner can unlock from the app on the phone to get the package. It is waterproof as well as rustproof to save the package from getting ruined.

LG Signature OLED TV R

This TV was just a prototype in the last year’s event, but it is now back with its new original production model. The TV measure 65 inches and can be rolled or unrolled to the size of your choice. It is exciting to have the new model at the house and explore the use of technology in the product. The prices of the TV is not ye confirmed, but LG promises that it will be available at a commercial level by the end of this year.



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Among all the sleep tech that is available at CES 19, the coolest one that you don’t have to wear while sleeping was the tonight headband. The technology uses the EEG of your brain and uses this information to make imagery on your smartphone to retain your brain to sleep. According to research, a person has to wear the headband for 20 minutes, three times a week for three months. It will help the participant to fall asleep 40 percent faster than usual reducing the number of sleep breaks during the night.

Y-brush Toothbrush

Everyone on their childhood is told to brush their teeth twice a day, isn’t it? What if there was a solution to it which gave the same result and level of cleanliness in just 10 seconds? The French company fastest have come up with an innovative brush known as Y-Brush which is a bristle place at 45 degrees angle and move back and forth to clean your teeth. It uses regular toothpaste. You just need to give five seconds of your time to each row of teeth to clean them. It will be available in the market in April at just $125.