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How To Design a Professional Logo in Seconds with DesignEvo

The brand is the underpinned part of assessing the company value. It allows consumers to identify and remember the brand’s individuality clearly. It is the main factors driving consumers to identify like and even love the brand. Then, the logo is controversially considered as a critical element to convey the brand’s identity and culture.

As the old saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” so when the audience learns the corporate from its promotion material, it is the logo or graphic content that has been noticed firstly. The reason why the brand and the logo can be integrated is precise that the logo is the means of communication of the visual image design. To be more acceptable to the audience, stunning logo prints in promotion material like name cards, bags, papers will make people acknowledge the brand awareness.

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There is no doubt that the brand logo is significant for a company. They can be printed anywhere people could quickly notice and as one of the company’s most valuable branding elements, it allows people to get to know the company from its visual message it conveys.

Then, want to create a brilliant logo by yourself? Here is an online platform that is going to help you to create a professional-looking logo. DesignEvo Logo Maker is an online graphics tool that allows you to create a logo with lettering, graphics, and color gradients. There over 9,000 preset templates, icons, fonts and other elements ensure that you could create a logo just within minutes for your blog, online shop, and YouTube channel. (or if you lose yourself in these numerous templates, in three hours).

DesignEvo HomePage - Create Professional Logo in Seconds
How To Design a Professional Logo in Seconds with DesignEvo

Before you get start your logo designing with DesignEvo, Here are some tips that you could follow when you do your designing works.

Thinking before designing

Ask the following questions before designing:
Ask the following questions before designing: What content should be conveyed to the brand to the consumer? Is it for consumers to remember your brand name, or brand core idea, or brand attributes? This is different from each stage of the brand. Emerging brands may need others to remember who they are and what they are doing, and brands with strong influence do not need to emphasize their own names. And to make consumers know your brand, a letter-based(your brand name) would be easier to achieve your goal for it could quick commit to memory.

Color is the core of sight.
No design element can be considered out of color. Colorful visual content would attract people attention then black-white ones. Bold colors, bright colors, exquisite collocations, soft tonality, they bring fantastic influence on the logo. That said, it would be terrible for misusing the color setting.

Here are some characteristics of standard colors:
Red: brave, character, dynamic
orange: innovation, enthusiasm, optimistic
black: strong, confident
green: natural, organic, inspirational
Brown: traditional, credible, warm
blue: confident, clear, quiet, reliable
yellow: bright, optimistic, creative
purple: interesting, elegant, nostalgic
pink: playful, interesting

Avoid using fancy fonts(better to use one font)
You should avoid using too fancy fonts but classic fonts. Because fancy fonts look like a painting rather than a font, which is one of the reasons why many of these fonts are free. Most of these fonts are too peculiar and lack strength unless they are used in some exceptional areas.

Do not complicate your logo designing.
Sometimes, further modification is the process of perfecting the logo, but sometimes, if you are overdoing, your works would be too complicated to consider it is a logo. You should know when to stop, and excessive modifications often make you miss the best.

Another implication of not over-designing is that some people may always concern about the logo you designed to fail to reflect d the company’s history or conveyed the company’s products or services. In fact, the logo of a computer company does not need to display a computer (Apple does not). The logo of a restaurant does not require food (not at McDonald’s). Keep it simple.

How to create a logo with DesignEvo?

DesignEvo Templates for Logos
You can choose from Numerous Templates available on DesignEvo

First of all, after accessing the DesignEvo website and landing its template choosing webpage, however, you are faced with the selection of numerous prefabricated logos with matching logos and can also choose from several categories in addition to the search box. You can select categories like from animals, art, automobiles, finance, children, fashion, food, industry, law, letters, lifestyle, sports, travel, hotel and much more.

If you have chosen a template and would like to customize it to your own taste, you can enter at the beginning of a company name and a slogan, so that these designing elements are taken directly. That is optional. If you only want to create a graphic, that works too, you could click [Start from Scratch].

Then it’s time to customize your logo. The good thing about it: everything is pretty self-explanatory and very user-friendly. Simply add icons and text, set colors or gradients and align everything nicely. The icons in the bar above the graphic preview would quite help.

If you are satisfied with your creation, you should first click on “Preview” at the top of the menu bar. Then you could check out the logo applied on the business card, letterhead, notebook, website, T-shirt, etc. Need to improve? Then better perfect it! In addition, you can save your masterpiece in the cloud.

Download Your Logo After Customizing it
Download Your Logo from DesignEvo after customizing it to your satisfaction

Download a free logo

In addition to the above step, the most important is to download it. If you click this, you will get a price overview. If you pick the free version, you can download a 300-pixel x 300-pixel logo – however, there is always some limitation with free version compared with premium plans.

So on a tight budget, a right solution – but not a 100% alternative for a designer who understands his craft and with the motto “less is more.” This kind of platform can pack the corporate philosophy into manageable graphics, where inexperienced users may be overly overloaded. Create a graphic that seems rather complicated at the end. So it is better to remember the golden rule “Less is more” in making logo in using the online Logo makers. That being said, DesignEvo, a new approach to help non-designer to create logo effortless proved the trend of designing popularization.

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