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Launched by Ksmart Group, DigiDocs is the first ever Enterprise Document Management System and Workflow Solution matrix that has been designed to give shape to the idea of a paper-free office into reality. DigiDocs allows auto-categorization and retrieval of documents in the most efficient way possible, thereby, influencing operational scalability in workspaces.

KSmart Manufacturing Systems and Solutions Private Limited

Ksmart’s DigiDocs has been copyrighted under the Berne Convention (The Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works), making it the world’s first ever document workflow matrix to allow auto-categorization. This software tool by Ksmart is based on the concept of EARTH (Eco-friendly Application of Resources and Technology for Humans). It aims at replacing the traditionally used paper documents and files in offices with digital documents and files, thereby saving paper and trees. This is indeed an important step in making the office workflow eco-friendly.


The increase in business correspondences increases the amount of paperwork inflow, making it almost impossible to manage all the piles of files and documents. The biggest challenge for offices is to systematically manage not only paper work but e-documents as well including invoices, emails, receipts and the hundreds of documents both online and offline. And then retrieving the right file at the right time is next to impossible, consuming lots of hours.

In such a scenario, DigiDocs software tool is a boon to the document management work of organizations and offices. It comes packed with lot of valued features that make it easier to handle documents systematically and retrieve them quickly whenever needed.

Multiple document styles and formats

DigiDocs supports complete digital documentation as it supports multiple document styles and formats such as word doc, PPT, excel sheets, etc.

Digidocs Multiple File Formats

Multi-user Support

It facilitates multiple user support. You can login to your user account, allowing every employee to access, handle and edit his/her own files and documents as they should, while working in the same organization.

Personal folder and Public folder

This software tool allows you to sort your documents between personal and public folder. All documents that you place in your Personal folder will be available to just you. However, you can share files with fellow workers by placing them in the public folder.

Digidocs Public and Private Folder

Google’s Tesseract technology

DigiDocs has been built on Google’s Tesseract technology. It offers superior optical character recognition (OCR) tool and image detection capabilities.

Great scalability and customization

It comes with Linux core and PHP front end, which makes it highly scalable and customizable. It has absolutely no perimeter in its scalability and customization.

Data retrieval

It provides extensive tools and techniques for data retrieval so you will never have to worry about losing any important document or file that could affect your business.

Advanced Search Capabilities

With advanced search capabilities, looking for a desired document or information is easy and quick. You can easily scan through the hundreds of documents within seconds to find the one that you need at the moment. Retrieving information and data has never been easier in terms of time, accuracy and integrity of records and information.

Easy access

With DigiDocs, the entire documentation process is conducted in digital format. You can easily access any of the documents from any machine on local networks as well as from anywhere in the world using the internet.

Save Money, Time and Space

DigiDocs helps to save money, time and space. It reduces human labour to a great extent and helps in keeping everything intact, within reach with just a few clicks. Reducing paper work can save up a lot of your office space. At the same time, digital documentation saves your time in sorting data when you want to look for any particular file. The scanning process is easy and quick when compared to paper based documentation.

Security Features

DigiDocs comes packed with efficient security features. This means no unauthorized person can get access to important files and documents. You can control access, version and print so as to protect documents and keep them secure.


The traditional paper based documentation consumes billions of paper every single day. Many of the documents made are used just once and then forgotten, leading to acute paper wastage. According to stats, an average office worker uses 10,000 sheets of copy paper each year. This much wastage of paper leads to cutting of millions of trees each other, thereby, harming the environment. With the use of DigiDocs, the paper based documentation at offices can be reduced to great extent, which makes its use pretty eco-friendly.


Overall, DigiDocs comes with an array of useful features that make it an effective and efficient tool for supporting office workflow across organizations. This software by Ksmart significantly reduces paper based documentation process by making all documents and data available digitally. At the same time, it also makes it easier to categorize, sort, scan and retrieve the needed data, reducing human intervention significantly.

Digidocs Review
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