Go the Distance with HDBaseT HDMI Extenders over a single Cat5e/Cat6 cable

HDMI Extenders with HDBaseT supportare used with high-definition LCD displays, projectors and televisions. They are also required when viewing 3D videos and games. Often a new HD display doesn’t come with a HDMI cable and this must be purchased separately.

There are a couple of unfriendly drawbacks to using these cables. The first is that they are usually very short, typically 6 feet or less. Next, they are very stiff. This makes it really difficult to string the wire around other appliances during setup.

So some clever engineer who was tired of trying to get his HDTV mounted on the wall and connected to a receiver which was too far away developed the Cat5 HDMI Extender. Well, we really don’t know if that was the history, but the problem is certainly valid.



Cat5 hdmi extender

The first problem where the cables are too short is solved using aCat5e/Cat6 HDMI extension solution. The second problem where the wires are too stiff and difficult to manipulate is also solved. Simple, inexpensive Ethernet networking cables called Cat5e/6 replace the stiff black cables. These support the transmission of the high definition HDMI signal over a distance up to 330 feet from the HDMI source.

The HDMIover Cat5 Extenderkit includes transmitter and receiver unit. There is a separate power source used to supply power to the transmitter and receiver. Some units support bi-directional IR and full duplex RS232.

A new advancement in HDMI extender products are models which support PoE (Power over Ethernet). This technology eliminates power drain and also provides power to the receiver at the remote location. Therefore, it is not necessary to use two individual lines; one for data and one for a power supply. One Ethernet line is sufficientgiving the ultimate freedom of the display or projector from being tethered to the AC outlet.

Blu-ray devices are here to stay and they’ve really come down in price making them an affordable addition to the home entertainment system. Make sure you buy a long range HDBaseT HDMI Extension product which supports resolutions up to 4K x 2K and Blu-ray 1080/60p.

Data centers and HDTV retail stores were the first to grab onto these devices. However, it didn’t take long for residential consumers to trade in their short HDMI cables for long range HDMI extenders. You’ll also find them in business or hotel conference rooms, presentation areas, commercial or military training centers. Anywhere an HD appliance has to be more than 150 feet from a receiver, you will find an HDBaseT HDMI Extender making the connection.