DU Battery Saver: The Best Battery Saving App for Android

Every smartphone user enjoys the amenities provided by Android. From the latest HD displays to awesome apps, smartphones have become a necessary part of our lives. The uses of a smartphone are not limited to video calling or surfing the web, but have been multiplied infinitely. Innovative apps have enabled users to operate their mobile phones for different purposes. But no matter how advanced the apps are, the battery life of smartphones always seems to be lacking, and annoys every single user.

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What can you do if you have a phone with a bad battery life? Well, buy a power bank. Then, you have to carry the power bank along with you every day to keep your battery chugging. If you don’t bring your power bank, your battery dies when you have an important call to make or when you write an email. This becomes quite annoying when you have to use the phone while charging. The heavier the use the quicker the battery runs out of charge. Keeping these problems in mind, DU Battery Saver is here to save the day.

DU battery saver

The developer Baidu Mobile Apps has come out with a battery saver app that can easily enhance your smartphone’s battery life with one tap – but also offers customizable options for power users. Heavy usage of your phone takes a toll on the durability of its battery, too. This app enhances your battery’s durability by limiting the usage of the battery with its efficient tools.

One of the most important things that DU Battery Saver does is seek out the power-draining hidden applications running in the Android system. It also helps you to find overlooked system apps that are eating up your battery charge unnecessarily.


DU Battery Saver is a free app that provides power management modes, battery problem solutions and healthy charge stage features. The app also has a pro version that comes with a price which is quite affordable and which I believe is a worthwhile value for the money. The pro version guarantees a 70% increase in battery life and prolonged battery health.

The app navigation system is foolproof even for the new smartphone users. You can instantly start saving power with the ‘Optimize’ button. This button is intended to save you labour and time; instead of having to search manually for apps and system functions that are draining the battery, DU Battery Saver does it for you, instantly.

The home screen widget is very convenient and allows you to stop those unwanted programs running behind the scenes unnoticed. You can also set customized optimization modes with this app that allows you to prioritize the apps you need to keep running, and those that can safely be closed to save battery life. Although the readers of this blog can understand English, it’s worth mentioning that DU Battery Saver supports many different languages. This undoubtedly helps a lot of users navigate the app and know what they are doing. That said, the app is generally very easy to use.

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If you are tech savvy then you might want an accurate measurement of the power consumed by all your installed apps. This app can give you a good, relatively accurate estimate of the power consumption of your running applications. In fact, it gives you the estimated amount of battery life you have left to use your phone, which you can see increase in real time when you use the app. This instant analysis of the battery charge left and the span of time left helps you organize your work and helps you decide which apps you want to keep open or close.

The pro version of DU Battery Saver comes with added advantages like Intelligent Mode Switching, an Auto-clear apps function and CPU frequency measurement (for rooted devices). This powerful app can definitely help you save battery power, even if you’re a heavy smartphone user. This app 100% delivers what it guarantees to Android users.

So, download DU Battery Saver from the Google Play store for your Android smartphone right now and increase the battery life of your smartphone.

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