Emtech India 2016 at New Delhi – Don’t miss out

There are constant evolutions in technology, leading us into new dimensions to discover. Every hour of the day brings in a fresh change, marked with new developments, ventures, innovations all over the world. We are looking at artificial intelligence being applied in reality, a mere concept in sci-fi films just a few years ago!

Everyone today, wants an easier way to get things done- Convenience, easy accessibility, agility. The amazing part is that it gets done! Take Freecharge, an app that initially rolled out for the purpose of mobile recharges and promised ‘Convenient and rewarding’ transactions. They offer discounts and offer coupons for every transaction and it was only a matter of time before they took a chunk of the market for themselves.

Innovations, strategies, entrepreneurship like these need a platform for recognition, inspiration, acknowledgement, development. And this is what Emtech 2016, being organised by Hindustan Times’ MINT in collaboration with MIT brings to us! A platform for all such people, who have a vision of the immediate future, the global market and have articulated and brought forward solutions, already!

Emtech India Conference: What are we looking forward to ?

Emtech Conference

There is a fervent need to curate young minds into thinking, managing resources, and Creating. These themes address the immediate future and their impact on us:

  • Digital Life: The problems and challenges faced to keep digital data secured will be discussed about in this meet. It will further talk about the development of better security mechanisms to be adopted to keep data secure for Next Generation Digital Workspace.
  • Cutting Edge Technologies: The 3D printing, drones and robotics wil be discussed about. The focus will be more on enhancing the productivity of human capital by introduction of the programmed & advanced machines that are prominent enough to carry out the toughest jobs with ease.
  • Smart Cities: As per data collected, Earth would be home for about 9 Billion people by 2050 and India will have the world’s largest population going ahead of China. The urbanization and smart city infrastructure will be key points of discussion.
  • Connected Health: Technology has always aided health facilities. Genome editing will be discussed with ideas to be implemented in order to make it possible.
  • Artificial Intelligence: Imagine having a computer that does not only aid you in everything that you do, but can be made to feel and be intuitive. Imagine the evolution!


Speakers at Emtech India,2016


The guest speakers for Emtech India Conference 2016 have been listed below. You will get to listen to these speakers if you get the confirmation invite for this meet after the registrations.

  • RS Sharma (Chairman, Telecom Regulatory Authority of India)
  • John T Chambers (Executive Chairman, Cisco Systems Inc.)
  • Marc Carrel Billiard (Global managing Director Technology R&D, Accenture)
  • Jack Hidary (Founder and Chairman, Samba Energy. Senior Advisor at Google X Labs)
  • Harsh C. Mariwala (Chairman, Marico Limited)
  • Bhaskar Pramanik (Chairman, Microsoft Corporation India Pvt. Ltd.)
  • Una May O’Reilly (Principal Research Scientist AnyScale Learning for All, Group MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory)
  • Moe Abdula (Vice President, Cloud Foundation Services)
  • Ravi Narayan (Managing Director, Microsoft Ventures)
  • Kunal Shah (Founder & CEO, Freecharge)
  • Nilay Arora (Country Head, We-Chat India)
  • Shereen Bhan (Managing Editor, CNBC-TV18)
  • Swapnil Sansare (CEO, Divide by Zero Technologies)

These are some of the major speakers in Emtech India Conference from the list. You may see many big names presenting innovative ideas during the conference.

The Most Aspiring Speaker to eye – Kunal Shah

All of us know of Freecharge, the mobile app.

You get to hear Kunal Shah, the man behind the app. He inspires people aspiring to venture into fields that their college degrees do not mandate. Kunal Shah holds a bachelor’s degree in Arts (Philosophy) from Wilson College. ‘Paisaback’ was his first start-up venture and it offered cash-backs on recharges to the customers. After realizing the potential of this business, Kunal went to found ‘Freecharge’ in 2010 with Sandeep Tandon as another co-founder.

Freecharge soon become the most popular recharge applications in India and was acquired by Snapdeal for about $400 million in the year 2015. Kunal Shah was then appointed the CEO of the newly acquired ‘Freecharge’ by Snapdeal.

How to Register for Emtech India?

The ‘Emtech Conference is an invite-only event, so do register before you head out. Register here: http://emtech.livemint.com/registration

Why would you miss out on such an event?