Faida.com Review: Exchange used Products

Have you ever wondered that how amazing the buying and selling of goods will become when you exchange your old or unused goods with some new or cooler stuff without any involvement of money? This is what we call as barter system of exchange. The Barter System was used in ancient times when there was no money or when it was hard to earn money. People use to exchange their goods in place of other goods with each other. This system was abandoned in later period when money came into existence. Though, you may find some tribal areas practicing the same practice in this modern time too.

Now, just imagine that how easy it will become for you if you can really exchange your good with others in place of their goods. Faida.com is one of the newly launched Barter sites that are revolutionizing the barter concept. There are just a few websites based on this concept running across India. Faida.com has gained too much of popularity in just a small span of time. It has now become one of the best online selling sites based on this system. The website Faida.com has the tagline – ‘Faide ka Sauda’, which means that both the parties exchanging there items will be profited by the deal they are making.

About Faida.com










Faida.com is a Jaipur based startup that had gained immense popularity in no time. This website provides an amazing shopping experience to its customers. It helps the customers in exchanging goods through cashless transactions. The website was initially started by Vipul Paliwal and Gaurav Jain. This website was launched in year 2015 with a motive to provide quality shopping experience to the users though cashless transactions. At present, Faida.com allows its customers to exchange items like home furniture, mobile phones, electronics, books, and few others stuffs. We have discussed it below. Please have a close look over them.


Mobiles & Tablets

If you are looking for some exchange offer on mobile then faida.com is the ideal destination for you. You can browse through the Mobiles & Tablets section of the website and look for mobiles, mobile covers, screen guards, tablets, and much more. You will surely find the best mobile exchange offer on this website. The best part is that all the transactions will be done without the use of cash. You can exchange your goods in place of other goods from some other buyer.


If you wish to exchange electronics then you can easily find numbers of electronic exchange offer on faida.com. Monitors, Audio Systems, cameras, desktops, printers, kitchen appliances, washing machines and other electronics goods can be easily exchanged on this website. You need not to search for offers on electronics online. You will be easily able to find the best deals on this website. Computer peripherals, home appliances, and kitchen appliances can be exchanged under this section on faida.com.


Books & Hobbies

Most of the people love to read books in their free time. Also, there are many expensive study books that everyone can’t afford to buy. Faida.com provides you with a better option. You can exchange your books and hobbies with others without the use of money in the transaction. You can sell old books and get some other books in place of those books. If you are searching for second hand books online then Faida.com is one of the best places to try your hands on. So, exchange your old books and hobbies with others easily at Faida.com.

Office & Stationery

Are you planning to relocate your office in other state? Having problems in carrying furniture? You can try putting used furniture for sale at faida.com. The office furniture at faida.com can easily be sold out in place of some other useful things. You can also try selling office stationery at faida.com. If you are looking to sell or buy office stationery online then this website can provide you immense options to sell your assets.

Cameras, Audio & Video

Are you are photography freak? Bored with your professional camera? Do you wish to buy a used DSLR Camera or buy used camera with more features as in your camera? Faida.com is the place to buy and sell camera accessories. You can find the right exchange with your product on this website.

Sports, Fitness & Outdoor

If you are searching for used sports equipment then also you can reach to faida.com. You may find gym equipment on sale on Sports, Fitness & Outdoor section of this website. If you are a fitness freak and are looking to buy sports or fitness gears then logon to faida.com.


Final Say

Faida.com is one of the most fabulous websites that has revolutionized the concept of barter system. Now, you can easily buy and sell things online without the use of money. The goods will be exchanges in place of goods. Isn’t it fantastic?