Five must have Android Accessories

Many people nowadays own Android phones of different models and mobile company. These Smartphone have different Android operating system and features. Using Android is not everything. You can buy some accessories to enjoy your android Smartphone fullest. These accessories are must when you have an android phone and perform different tasks to provide you a complete android experience.

The accessories are designed to provide you different support for your Smartphone and let you enjoy a flexible performance of your Android devices. These accessories are designed to support android software and applications as well.

Five must have Android Accessories:


1. Headphones:

The headphones are one of the must and most important accessory a Smartphone owner must have. This allows you to free your hands and keep your mobile in your pocket. You can use the headphones for calls, listing to music and watching videos while not interrupting your surroundings. It is best to be carried around while traveling, jogging or anywhere you want. The headphones can be of different types and you can choose according to the sound quality you required as well as the size of headphone which is easy for you to carry around.

Headphones are an important part of your daily gadgets and allow you to conduct calls while you are busy in doing some other stuff or traveling. Checkout top Bluetooth headphones at


2. Temporary glass screen protector:

The screen of your mobile takes all the burden and scratches while it is used. That is why the screen loses its beautiful display and visibility. Most of the times when mobile is dropped, the screen has more chances to break than anything else. Once your screen is broken the main issue happens with the display and its resale value also drops down. It will charge good amount to get your screen replaced as well which never provide you the results as your original screen used to show you.

That is why a temporary glass screen protector is a good way to secure your screen and protect it. It is the almost near-invisible protective layer which is sticks to your mobile and secures it. This layer will now suffer the scratches and in case you drop your Smartphone again, it will bear it. Sometimes the glass screen protector gets broken and protect your original screen of the mobile but don’t worry the glass screen protector cost as low as $1 and provide you better security to your mobile screen. These glass screen protectors come in different size depends on the android model you are using.


3. Protective mobile case:

The mobile case is one of the best accessories one can own. It helps in protecting the mobile from dropping, water spill as well as children and pets. There are lots of options available for the mobile protective cases and allows you to add your personality to your mobile back cover. You can also order any customized mobile back covers and protective cases on order from any online store with your name, picture or your memory printed on it. Not only this have had the mobile protective cases helped you secure your mobile when it is dropped down due to the resistant materials it is made from.


4. Portable charger:

For those who uses mobile too much and manage their work or business through mobile faces battery down issues. When your mobile battery is down you can feel paralyzed and it is difficult for you to keep your mobile down for hours to get it charge. That is why portable chargers are made to charge your mobile when it is required.

A portable charger is one of the best accessories android owners can own. It let you never gets low on the battery and charge your mobile whenever you require. There are many types of chargers available in the market such as quick charger, car charger, portable chargers, wireless chargers etc. which you can select according to your needs.


5. Selfie stick:

Taking selfies are the latest trend these days and so are the selfie sticks. You can take your selfie from distance, include your friends and family in your selfies as well as take your full picture. Selfie sticks are portable in carrying and provide you best selfies, these are best for traveling and tours. You can add a selfie in your accessories and give your tired hand a rest.

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