Foodpanda Review: The New way to order food online on the go

Foodpanda in India

The time is now, the opportunity to order food online from the best restaurants just in a few clicks is available for every person living in India. Easy and very intuitive, fast and reliable, Foodpanda was created for all that people who, sometimes, are lazy to cook and want food on the go, quick to order, and with a free and high quality delivery.

Order Food online with Foodpanda

Currently, Foodpanda is present in 14 cities around India, and they plan to start in a few more, to offer their service to even more people in our country. More than 3.000 restaurants are waiting to cook and give to you the best experience of ordering food online.

Through our website or mobile App for iOS or Android, you will be able to order even when you are on the street, imagine, on the way back from work, and you want to arrive home and the food is almost on the table ready to eat.

With multiple payment options, you could choose the one that is better for you. If you don’t have any cash in your pockets, you can choose to pay by credit card online, absolutely reliable system implemented in our website. Some restaurants also have a very modern option, which is pay with Paypal, probably the most trustful system existing nowadays. But, obviously, the method of pay on delivery is always available for the ones who do not feel comfortable with online payments and want to make it on a traditional way.

Almost every cuisine of the world has a space in our website to place your order, from Bunjabi to Chinese, from Latin American cuisines to Italian pizza and pasta. Choose between a huge variety of possibilities and enjoy the quality of the restaurants in our system. In Foodpanda, we are pretty sure that you will eat, enjoy and get fully satisfied by the food our restaurants offer.

The procedure is easy. Write down your street and city, and then, every restaurant that deliver on your place will appear, after that, you just need to choose the restaurant you like the most and click on it, then the online menu will appear and you can read every dish the restaurant have and make a decision. When you choose your lunch or dinner, next step will be to choose the way of payment, and, wait a few minutes until the order arrives home. The last thing is to enjoy and taste the best food you can order online.

Select City and Location - Foodpanda

An interesting option in the website is the possibility to check the reviews that other previous customers wrote, and also a starts rate. Thanks to this, you can read about the experience with Foodpanda and a restaurant, and feel confidence with the process, because if you read many positive reviews, you will realize that you are in a same atmosphere in the website and restaurant, and, in my opinion, this is a huge advantage.

Definitely, a trustful website, to place online orders of food, reliable and easy to choose a restaurant, classified by cuisines. Foodpanda focus on keep a intuitive website to make life easier to customers. Try them, and write your comments here about your experience!

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  1. Online restaurant menu ordering system has become a necessity and is highly affordable. You can easily get an online restaurant menu at zero effort and generate huge profits. Food/ Meal ordering system through internet or web is very essential as internet is a major tool in bringing potential customers to your web site. Very good review. Keep it up Jatin.

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