Golden Guide for Your Next Car Valuation in India

The car market in India has been always pretty atypical. There are so many factors come handy while determining the price of the car. You need to make sure there is adequate time while going for car valuation in India.Here are the steps that will help you know the car valuation before buying.

Conditions are never easy here to guess as people here show huge interest while enquiring about the quality/features of a car, and when the turn of price comes, it falls significantly. Still, used car markets in India have been always attention dragging, once you know the right techniques to sell.

your car valuation

Specify the real usage duration:

Very few people would know that the registration day of your vehicle holds a huge part to play in offering it the right value. Especially, it’s crucial in a scenario where people prefer more to sell the vehicles to a third party. And, if the car is from a well-known brand, it’s simply unavoidable.

Usually in India, showrooms/the company vendors show an annoying delay in delivering a post car registration. The age of a car should be considered only since it is being used, definitely not since the day of registration. But, usually the selling platforms (mostly online) prioritising the documentation consider the day of registration. On this context, it is the sole duty of the owner to make sure things are presented in a fair way.


Setting flexible EMI:

Financial assists hold a great role in manipulating the price of a car. There are many financial organisations in India those offer loans with interesting EMIs. The best part is that the officials discuss with the owner while fixing the EMIs. You should reach these centres. Being a little tricky can pay you a good amount. However, it is important stays sure about the authentication about the above organisations prior dealing with them.


The handy websites:

Going through the online platforms meant for car valuation is always a straight forward, yet a productive way of estimating the value. There are so many  car selling wesbites those deal with both the new and old cars like However, you can go through the sites, such as,, car selling websites those deal with both the new and old cars like However, you can go through the sites, such as,, olx, etc.


Engines pay accordingly:

Mileage certainly is a deciding factor in estimating the success of any vehicle in the market. People here mind the mileage, and mileage minds the kind of engine/fuel. Here we mention below the way you should play according to your engine kind.

  • It is always advised to incorporate a diesel engine with the car, looking at its efficiency. In fact, having the diesel engines is quite important if it is going to be put on a used car forum.
  • Though petrol cars cost beneficial, still people don’t prefer to a second-hand market looking at the comparative price of the petrol.
  • However, you can provoke the buyer to buy for the comparatively cheaper price of a patrol car. If the customer is not a frequent traveller, he/she may find it a good deal.
  • Spare parts of a vehicle should be pretty much gettable in various stores, and more importantly the car should be flexible enough to fit same part from a different edition of the vehicle. These small factors matter a lot in determining the value of a car.


Estimating a fundamental value:

Calculating the minimum selling price (value including the maintenances) is very important while estimating the price of a car. This value is very important for both the buyer as well as seller point of view. The best way to calculate this value can be visiting the centres offering loans for the cars. It has been seen that cars with about sixty percent rotational selling value get higher attention than the others. There are certain factors those affect the above values.

  • Brand of the car.
  • Present version of the engine
  • Features in comparison to the latest product of the same brand
  • Demand in the market.
  • Customer satisfaction report of the particular product


Visiting the service providers:

One of the finest ways to enquire about the true value of a car can be to visit the native service stations. People over here witness bountiful examples of issues associated with a particular brand. They can present the right picture about the demand for a particular brand.