How to Add Donate via Paypal Button

Blogging is the hobby for many of us blogger’s but if you get some appreciation in form of $$$, then it is always fun and you get additional motivation to write. There are many blog readers which are generous and want to help bloggers by donating them, so if you are blogger and want to add Paypal Donation button to your wordpress blog, then it is very easy using Paypal donation plugin which is available for WordPress. This plugin can also be used by not profiting organizations to generate revenue.

What is Paypal

As per Wikipedia Paypal is a world famous global e-commerce business allowing payments and money transfers to be made through the Internet. It is one of the most used website to transfer and receive payment online. You can even connect your Credit card and bank account to PayPal and can withdraw money easily with it.

Add Donate via Paypal Button for WordPress

Add Donate via Paypal Button for WordPress

Benefits of PayPal Donation Button

There are lots of benefits of this super plugin in your website. First of all you can generate extra revenue for your website to pay your hosting fees. Getting donation from your reader give you motivation to write more for them. It also build good relation with your visitors.

Step by Step Guide to add Paypal Button to WordPress

Below is the step by step procedure to add Paypal donation button to wordpress blog. This plugin is very useful in collection revenue for your site and most important this plugin is available free of cost.

1. First login to your WordPress dashboard.

2. Go to your WordPress blog and click on Plugin and click on add new plugin and search for donate via paypal. You can also download the plugin and directly upload to your site. Then after getting PayPal donate plugin in search, just install it and activate it.

3. Now just visit setting page for this plugin and add your PayPal email address as shown below.

donate via paypal

4. After activating your plugin and setting your Paypal Email address, now you will able to see Paypal donate button below every your post.

Isn’t it very simple and useful. If you have any problem in configuring please leave your comment and we will help you out. There are many paypal donation plugin which are available for wordpress for free, you just have to search.