How to open ePub files on Android : Intense Guide

Looking for a guide to know “How to open ePub files on Android?”

You are at right place to find answer of some common queries related to ePub readers and ePub files. Sometimes dealing with eBooks and ePub files becomes a bit difficult, and we may miss our beloved lessons/chapter. Therefore, knowledge of accessing and reading ePub files on your android device is a crucial asset for you.

In this article, we will use google play books to open your ePub files on android. You are free to use any third-party apps for eBook reading. Also, you can check out our list of the five best ePub readers for android. I am sure you will enjoy them as well.

How to open ePub files on Android
How to read or open ePub files on Android devices

If you are already familiar with ePub reading apps, you might find it easy to deal with such situations. But still, I recommend you read and stay updated with the latest methods in your domain areas.

Let’s move to our subject; if you are in a hurry and don’t have much time to read every steps-in detail, I have a quick map.

Download Google Play Books > Find ePub file > tap on the file and upload on GPB app > find your book in the library.

Those who want to know the step-by-step process to upload and access your eBook then read until the end.

How to open ePub files on Android using Google play books.

1. Go to the Play Store and search “Google Play Books”.

Very first step to access you ePub files in android you need to visit play store and search for google play books app. Google inc is the owner of this app, and they are actively making it fantastic day by day. It also has thousands of books and audiobooks. It also provides to feature to read any ePub file which is stored on your mobile storage. I also provided direct download link of the app in step 2.

Google play books in play store
Search Result of “Google play books” in play store

2. Download the Google play books app.

Now you need to download Google play books app from available results and ensure you download the official app developed by google inc. You can download from direct link and using search method as well.

3. Go to the file manager and look for your ePub file.

A significant step is finding your ePub files, which are in your device storage. Go to the related folder, look for the file you want to open, and have an ePub extension.

ePub file in android device
Finding file from file manager

4. Tap on the ePub file and choose upload to Google play books.

After finding the concerned file, tap on that file. Then a popup will appear and ask you to choose/allow to upload file on google play books, so give him permission to upload. The first time you upload a file, then it may ask you to allow upload file on mobile internet connection if you are connected.

Allow ePub upload to google play books
Uploading of file.

5. Visit the Uploads section in the library to find uploaded files.

Bravo, you did it. After processing your file, you can find your uploaded files in the library>uploads section. Now enjoy your study and stop thinking much about accessing these tools.


So these were the few simple steps to How to open ePub files on Android. I hope you enjoyed reading and find it helpful. For any queries, please feel free to mention them in the below comment section. Also, please tell us which app you are using to read eBooks on your device. I will be waiting for your replay. See you soon in the following article.