Increase your adsense earnings by targeting high CPC keywords

Have you monetized your website or blog with Adsense? If Yes, then you might be knowing about CPC. Many Adsense publishers Struggle with Low CPC while some rocks in terms of CPC. There are many reasons for getting low or high CPC.

In this article, I will tell you about CPC in depth. If you are getting low CPC and want to increase it, then you are at right place because here I will give you tips to find Keywords from which you can get High CPC. Do you know that before targeting any keyword, you can predict CPC of that keyword? If you don’t know about these, then let me explain you.

How to predict CPC of the keyword?

You can predict CPC for the keyword you are targeting. For instance, I am entering blogging tips as a keyword in keyword planner. The Results I got is given below.

Information in keyword planner about "blogging tips"


The Search volume of blogging tips is 4400 Monthly, and Suggested bid is 80.40Rs. In this case, we have to see suggested bid. While Suggested bid is not CPC but according to Google, they share 60-70% of the money they get per one click.

In this case, If Suggested Bid is 80.40Rs then we may get 50-70% from that 80Rs per 1 click. For instance, I am ranking on this keyword, and someone visited my site from search engine. He clicked on the advertisement that belongs to this keyword. Now, Google will pay me anything between 50-70% from that 80.40Rs.

In short, I or anyone else can earn about 0.5$-1$ by ranking on this keyword. By these way, You can predict CPC of the keyword on which you want to rank. Do you know that CPC also vary from niche to niche and keyword to keyword? Yes, it happens. Let me tell you the exact reason behind it.

Why do CPC vary from niche to niche?

Must remember, If company owner will get more benefit from 1 click than they will pay you more. For instance, If you are working on some cheap keywords like facebook hacking tricks then you will not even get 1Rs per click. Here is the situation of that keyword,
Keyword planner


These happen because there are almost no facebook hacking tricks. Moreover, advertisers will pay less to the Google because they are not earning well. Opposite to this, If you will see the information about “home insurance” in keyword planner, Scene will be completely different. Here is it,

Home insurance CPC

Yes, I know you think that it’s unbelievable. You can earn this much if you can rank for home insurance. The Single click can give you lots of money. They give this much money to the publisher because from 1 click; they can earn a lot! It is because if anyone is interested in taking home insurance then the company can make a lot of money from 1 client.

Now, Let me tell you directly that on what thing, CPC depends.

1. Niche – If the advertiser pays more money to Google, You will get more money from Google. It is simple, If advertiser gets more money from 1 client then they will pay more money to Google.

2. Country – Click from Countries like United States will give you more money than click from countries like India and Pakistan. It is because visitors from United States are more converting then visitors from India and Pakistan. If you target traffic from countries like below given list, you will get more CPC.

  1. United States
  2. United Kingdom
  3. Canada
  4. New Zealand
  5. Slovakia
  6. Germany
  7. Norway
  8. Tunisia

3. Cookies – No one till now told you about this right? Let me tell you. Every time, Google is not going to show advertisement that belongs to your keyword. For example, If the visitor will visit your blog after searching a lot about watches then Google will show him/her ads related to watches. No matter your niche is of 2Rs or 2000Rs, you will be paid according to that advertisement.

So, these are the biggest as well as effective reasons of higher or lower CPC. Now, I let me give you effective tips to increase CPC. These techniques may take some time, but you will get higher CPC gradually as well as it will not decrease.

Targeting High CPC countries:

Now you know that targeting right countries can increase your CPC but how you will target? Here, I am going to explain you. Do you know that keyword planner can show you that from which country, how many times a keyword is being searched.

For instance, let us take our old keyword blogging tips. First of all, search that keyword in keyword planner. After getting information about that keyword like below given image,

Blogging tips keyword information


When you will click on that button, you will get one drop down menu. From that Drop down menu, Click on breakdown by location. After clicking on that, You will get pie chart instead of bar chart as shown below,

Breaking down by Location


Out of 5 Specific countries, 3 Countries are High Paying and 2 Countries are low paying. In short, This keyword is beneficial if you can rank. By this way, you can target country that is high paying.

Targeting High CPC keywords

The article you are writing has high CPC keywords but every time you select high competition keyword just because search volume of that keyword is high. Instead of targeting that keyword, Target high CPC and low competition keyword and don’t give much importance to search volume. Let me show you real example. Currently, we have keyword blogging tips. By entering this into the keyword planner from which you can get keyword ideas, you will get this as a result.

Getting other keywords derived from main keyword


So, Now do you think that targeting blogging tips as a keyword is a right choice? Probably no! It is because now you can see some long tail keywords with higher CPC than a main keyword.

The best keyword from this list is blogging tips for beginners because it is more specific; It has the less competition than main keyword as well as CPC is better in comparison with the primary keyword.

So, By these way you can increase your CPC. It will increase Gradually, but it will not decrease once after getting increased. You will not see the Quick boost by using these techniques, but these techniques are genuine.

So, Do you want to start a new blog? I would recommend you to start on the niche on which you are perfect. Still if you wish to start on the high Paying niche then here are they,

  • Donation
  • Health
  • Insurance
  • Stock market
  • Beauty tips
  • Loans
  • Flights and Airlines

These are the highest paying niches and you can earn a lot by creating the blog on this niches and by ranking them on high CPC keywords!


It’s your time:

CPC was/is always a buzz because it is only the thing that can decide that how much you earn from Adsense. This is the Guide on CPC by which you can go deeper in CPC topic. Hope you learned many new things and facts from this article.

Use the techniques given on this topic and increase your CPC gradually and genuinely. There are many other methods to increase CPC but either they don’t work or they are temporary. These are the best and working with them. Hope you learned many things from this article. Share this article with your friends on social media too! If you have any questions related this topic, then you can comment it down! We will solve your every question.