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Instagram Has Stopped Showing Likes on Posts – What Next?

Instagram Has Stopped Showing Likes on Posts
Instagram Has Stopped Showing Likes on Posts – What Next?

Buckle up! Instagram is taking a ride towards a new frontier. Instagram is on the move to make like counts become private for all users. It’s upon the users to decide if a post is worth liking instead of judging from the masses. The move is set to affect all Instagram users worldwide. Has this move taken you by surprise? Below is why Instagram has stopped showing likes on posts.

  • Make users feel comfortable

Gone as the days where one would feel inadequate for receiving fewer likes. With this new feature, Instagram users can share what’s vital to them without becoming embarrassed at the little number of likes.

The move is to make Instagram a more social platform to interact with others rather than focusing on what post will get the most likes.

  • Make Instagram a safe space

It all boils down to making the platform a safe as well as a lively place to spend online. It’s no longer surprising that the current generation is spending time online to portray fake a life they don’t have. In the process, it affects their mental health.

Hiding likes is to focus more on conversation and fostering a community among the young generation.

It is to make people less obsessed with getting many followers to like their posts, which can be unhealthy in the long run.

How do hidden likes work?

It’s essential to note that the likes don’t disappear in general. Instead, likes become hidden among followers. As a user, you can view the number of likes you get after a couple of taps.

You might see no like counts when you scroll through your feeds. However, you can add them by yourself once you tap to see who liked a photo or a video.

Is it possible to see the number of likes on any Instagram post?

You will be in a position to see how many likes a post received. However, followers can’t see. However, you must remember the likes don’t appear automatically.

How does like-free Instagram affect brands and influencers?

Here’s where the pickle in the jar lies. One can stop to wonder, what will happen to Instagram influencers and enterprises?

There is a different way of buying Instagram followers. It focuses on getting engaged and interested follows instead of random people to increase your popularity.

Thus, no matter the move that gets taken, the influencers will have an excellent time online. It will enable the influences to focus on content instead of the number of likes. If you seek to be an Instagram influencer, you won’t be limited to the best time to post on Instagram.

It will also act as a reminder to keep one’s mental health in check. Therefore, no more getting worried about the number of likes a post received.

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The move has received both positive and negative criticisms. However, the bottom line is that it’s a time to make Instagram an engagement platform rather than a competing platform to become famous than a friend. As one seeks to find a way to buy followers on Instagram, you must get engaged follows who know your brand. Thus, they will assist you in getting the word out there about its existence.

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