Internet marketing strategies – 4 Different types you could use

Internet marketing does nothing but use online means and methods of communication to reach out to the customers. Basically fact remains that online marketing works best with particular target markets. In other words, it depends on who you’re planning to target for your product or service. For instance, Internet marketing is going to prove very less useful in reaching out to senior citizens as they’re not likely to spend too much time online. On the other hand, it’ll be a hit with the teens as they’re caught spending most of their time online.


4 Different types of Internet marketing strategies

Internet marketing strategies – 4 Different types you could use

It’s true that technology is constantly changing the landscape of Internet marketing and business strategies need to focus on quite a few key factors. Here are 4 different types of strategies that you could use –

  1. The web advertising strategy: Firstly, when it comes to Internet marketing, then you need to choose the right web advertising methods. Now this is a tricky method wherein the experienced audience can be pretty suspicious. Hence if you wouldn’t like your efforts to land up in spam filters, then make sure that you send emails only to the specific consumers who’ve signed up to hear about promotions and news. When advertising on your website, then make sure that you’re using concise and attractive combination of words. You could try flash animation too for drawing interest.


  1. The value message strategy: This strategy requires your business to decide its value message. There are quite a few instances wherein words don’t work too well on the Internet just like certain forms of image advertising. This is why you can try a value message which should concentrate your business’ message down to either a phrase or a promise or at best an image. This is literally a hook by which you can bait your customers proper.
  1. The social media strategy: This is something you could benefit a lot from by joining social media networks like Facebook and Twitter. Once you join these places make sure that you use it right. In other words, take advantage of the relationship building focus of the social media to build trust and forge a real connect with your customers.
  1. The transaction strategy: Try and make use of the transaction method. This essentially means that you should provide an easy way to buy for your online customers as well as make it completely secure from any attack.

Keep in mind the 4 strategies discussed above and help your business reach unprecedented heights.