iOS 9 Early Release Knocks at Door

Nobody would put a doubt to iOS 8’s reputation of being a near-perfect operating system for Apple’s mobile device. However, even the fans would agree that iOS 8 is filled with bugs alongside its super cool features. Apple is really working hard to get over the bugs and fix them as better as they possibly can, however these things take time. Meanwhile when the bug riddance process is going on, Apple comes up with a brilliant idea to both make the people happy about an upcoming iOS firmware; also making it bug free with the help of expert developers’ community.

apple ios 9
iOS 9

The iOS 8.3 is going to be the first iOS version to fall under their early-beta release strategy. The iOS 8.2 isn’t even released yet; and Apple is planning to release the developer beta preview for iOS 8.3 during this March. This will enable the advanced users to take a look inside their beloved firmware and find out bugs if any; and developers would be able to work on their favorite sections. Meanwhile, Apple might release iOS 8.2 OTA updates soon.

While this policy should come useful for iOS 8.3, it is supposed to be very much useful for iOS 9 as well. iOS 9 is the next upcoming major upgrade of Apple’s iOS operating system, most likely to ship with a new iPhone.

Apart from the development purposes, the early iOS 9 beta releases also settles down the trust issues. Every iPhone user would want to know whether their devices are going to run the upcoming iOS without any issues. A beta release could be the best way of earning the faith. Once the consumer base is satisfied with a software update, there will be no trouble making them download the final update when it comes out. The program is supported by Apple’s already existing AppleSeed Feedback Program; about which some experienced users might have heard of.

So when is this update going to come out? Pretty soon, definitely! The World Wide Developer Conference for this year is set to take place on June. Apple usually showcases their upcoming iOS on WWDC; and this year they may also release a beta release just by that time. However, the final release is scheduled to release in fall.

Sources would say and we quote, Apple might have had this inspiration to bring a change in policy from OS X Yosemite’s Public Beta Program last year. The program made many users have an early look at what their future OS could look like and make this a decision making factor – definitely a successful project. However, for OS X Yosemite the opportunity was open for first one million people. Still a lot of people, though. Definitely a small amount comparing to Apple’s user base!

It is anticipated that for the iOS 9, Apple would be following the same protocols. The first one million of iPhone users who would register for the Public Beta Program would be given necessary resources for installation. However, for iOS this amount could get bigger.