iPad Air 3 rumor release date, specs and price

iPad Air 2 review has given us rough idea about iPad Air 3. We have been checking the fact that earlier Apple iPad Air and iPad Air 2, has created its name in the market.

Check out iPad Air 3 contain what in terms of its various aspects.



Apple always delivers its product with slender design and look. I have likeness for slender look gadget you can state that it will be more gentle to cope with. Apple iPad Air 1 was thin but iPad Air 2 is thinner than the 7.5 mm-thick iPad Air. The same you can conclude about iPad Air 3 that it will be also slender like iPad Air 2. You may not be comfortable in carrying such gentle device.

Processor and Speed

iPad Air 2 carries A8X Processor which speed is unexpected upto 40 percent fast in speed than iPad Air1and now focus on iPad Air 3 which will obviously have faster speed and upgraded processor because we have a huge hope from iPad Air 3.


We are hoping that iPad Air 3 will have larger screen with Retina HD designation. When you check Apple then it is likely to give us anti-reflective coating. iPad Air 3 is likely to have resolution around 401 ppi whereas iPhone 6 Plus is having bigger screen size. iPad Air 2 display is roundabout same.


iPad Air 2 carries latest features like burst mode, panoramas, slo-mo, timer mode and time- lapse in terms of camera. Apple carries megapixel like rear-facing camera, 5 Mp to 8 Mp. In case of front facing camera which is 1.2 Mp. Apple has upgraded sensor and here you can expect awesome act from iPad Air 3.

We are staying positive about that Apple will boost its megapixel rating of the cameras of iPad Air 3.

Face Recognition

Face recognition is an facial act of recognizing the people. This feature is present in the Camera app. It has Touch ID tech and this feature is present in iPad Air 2 so you can expect the far better feature in iPad Air 3.


iPad has potential to load different apps, movies etc. Storage capacity is essential to support those apps. It can be upto 16 GB and can be even more.

Apple Pay

Apple pay is online payment service which provides the users to pay things by scanning your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus. It is likely to present in the iPad Air 3.


This will come with three colors like silver, gold and space grey. We are so hopeful about colors of iPad Air 3 but only release will divulge correct info .

Release Date of iPad Air 3

iPad Air 2 launched on October 2014 and we are hoping the same about iPad Air 3. Rumors suggests Apple shows iPad Air 3 at WWDC 2015. It means iPad Air 3 will be launched on October 2015. This gadget will come to journalists at Apple Cupertino campus in California on 16 October. Naturally, iPad Air 1 was launched on 22 October 2013 and released at the commence of November. iPad Air 3 will give its presence in the market of UK in first half of November.


iPad Air 2 price was $399 in UK and it is also predicted that when time will go iPad Air 2 price will go down upto $80. Naturally, with upgraded contains in iPad Air 3 will be more than the price of iPad Air 2. Its 16 GB model is around $499 and 64 GB will be $579 and you can get 128 GB with $659.