iPhone5 – Flaunt your smartness

Well..There was the big news…the excitement…and the much created hype about Apple’s iPhone5 hitting the market. So it is here… with a big splash and already creating waves by its sales figures around the world. Apple boasts of its high speed chip, super fast wireless technology, bigger display and an 8mp i sight camera yet very slim and light weight gadget!

iPhone5 – Flaunt your smartness

The Smartphone users have yet another option to cling to with some it’s amazing new features like light weight and a bigger 4 inch screen gizmo. So is the Apple iPhone 5 the best Smartphone ever or is it just the case of an old wine in a new bottle?

For all those switching to the new iPhone5, feel that it is quite light weight and enjoy the bigger screen display compared to the earlier versions. The other significant feel good factor is that people find it quite thumb friendly. You can reach all the icons on the screen with your thumb single handedly.
Looks: It’s a lot better than the iPhone 4S in side by side comparisons, with the iPhone5 definitely looking dazzling, crisper and more true to life than its predecessor.

iPhone5 – Looks

Interface: The A6 chip on offer in the iPhone 5 is meant to be much faster than the A5 chip powering the iPhone 4S.
Internet: Safari, the default internet browser on offer with the iPhone 5, has been perceived as the best option in the mobile internet technology. It’s slick, fast and makes it simple to check out web pages on the go.
Camera: The iPhone5 boasts of a superior camera than all its predecessors. iPhone 5 can take photos 40% faster than its predecessor and the new dynamic low-light mode reduces the pixel count but improves darker images dramatically.
To add to the strength it has got new elements like a sapphire crystal lens to allow in more light and an improved filter to increase the natural colours.
The iPhone 5 is a iPhone 4S with a smaller prettier casing. People expect Apple to put out something better with each release but this phone harps on the same old strings. Many smart savy phone users are let down by it. They feel that mere bigger screen, different camera and good looking metal covering are no innovation in real sense. If you think you are missing out on something you’re not unless you like paying more for the same thing. Well, all said and done, apple make some of the best tech products in the world and what they really do is slight change in the make-up in an already Hi-tech gadget that they have been dishing out over the years.
Goodies: The iPhone 5 adds everything we wanted in the iPhone 4S: 4G LTE, a bigger and longer screen, free turn-by-turn navigation. Adding more to the table, it has a faster A6 processor and its top-to-bottom redesign is stunning, slim and feather-light.
Baddies: There are quite many bugs in the Apple Maps. In fact the maps have yielded some of the weirdest and funny results while searching for a location. Sprint and Verizon models can’t use voice and data simultaneously. The smaller connector renders current accessories unusable with no adapter. There’s no NFC, and the size of the screen pales in comparison to jumbo Android models.
The Verdict: The iPhone 5 has a host of new features and design, addressing its major previous lacunas. It’s undoubtedly the best iPhone till date, and it easily secures its dominating place in the world of Smartphones.