Keeping Your Businesses Information Secure

Information is powerful, it can make or break a lot of things. In this digital age wherein information reigns supreme, a lot of what were once only possibilities have come to life. However, along with the advancements come newfound dangers and opportunities for cyber criminals. There is now a war that is continuously raging online in cyberspace, and it involves your important data.

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Keeping Business Information Secure
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With the ever present threat of information theft, it is essential that you keep your business up-to-date with all the latest technologies and forms of attacks that hackers use to compromise your data. A successful attack can have drastic consequences for your business, and if you do not already have the experience in your workforce to deal with these situations, you will want to partner with a reputable and reliable company to help keep your clients’ data safe and secure.

A Busy 2019 So Far

We are only just over halfway through 2019, and there have already been several high-profile attacks on Australian companies with Australian cyber security companies being kept very busy. Some of the attacks that have happened so far this year are as follows:

  • Marriott Hotel Group / Starwood (January 2019) – It is still unsure how many hundreds of millions of guests have had their data compromised but at least 5.25 million people have had their passport numbers and other details exposed.
  • Victorian Government (January 2019) – An employee directory with details of about 30,000 members of staff was accessed by unauthorised parties.
  • Department of Parliamentary Services (February 2019) – The parliaments IT network suffered a security breach meaning that all passwords needed to be reset and there were rumours but no evidence of electoral interference.
  • WhatsApp (May 2019) – A major security flaw in May left WhatsApp customers vulnerable to attacks of spyware injected during video calls.

It Can Happen To Anyone

There are many large companies as well as small ones that are vulnerable to data breaches and cyber-attacks, and often companies do not take the threat seriously enough to even keep customer’s data safe and secure until something terrible happens. It is essential that you are aware of the latest developments in cybersecurity and that you have plans and processes in place to address the situation if the worst happens. You will want to take a proactive approach to your security rather than a reactive one, and the first thing that you should do is speak to industry experts.

Security of Business Information
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Trust The Experts

Unless you are a massive corporation, you may not have the manpower, facilities, or expertise to ensure the security of your business. As such, you should look to seek the assistance of a specialist company that can help keep your data and that of your customers safe. They will do a full assessment of your business and its processes and highlight areas that are weak or need attention. As well as this, they can also help you create a plan in the event of a cyber incident to limit any compromises of your systems. These companies will also help you to train your members of staff to ensure that they are aware of potential hazards, and in the event of a breach, they know what needs to be done. Australia has many companies that offer these services, and they also have some of the highest skilled security specialists in the world.

With data security being so important in this modern world that we live in, your business cannot afford to be without a cyber security plan to help combat hackers, so make sure your business is covered today!