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There are millions of blogs running over the internet. With improvement in technology and growing scope for online business, many people had started moving their businesses online. People had also started looking for online career. Blogging had emerged out to be one of the fastest growing field online attracting numbers of people around the globe. It is fetching huge income to people, who are working well on their blogs through different ad networks and other monetization schemes.

Even, I started blogging to make a good amount of money from here. I know that most of the people, who come to this field, are in the urge to earn money. No one will waste their time unnecessarily, if they cannot make good money out of here. Generating good revenue from a blog is the dream of every blogger. is one of the best platforms to monetize your blog, protecting it from Google algorithms like Google Panda and Google Penguin. MageNet offers better Ads, better security, better customization too, and the the ability to set your own pricing. Why to go with Monetization and Advertising?

Going with advertising and monetization is a good option because:

  • Better Ads: It is hassle free way to make money. gives you relevant ads to match up your content.

  • Better Pricing: You regulate the pricing according to your current situation and the situation on the market.

  • Regular Payouts: You can easily withdraw your earnings through Paypal at the end of every month.

  • Safe and Secure: It is protected with WordPress Monetization Plugin and your websites will only be available to our trusted advertisers.

  • Easy Customization: You can choose the pages on which, you need to publish ads from dashboard.

5 Guarantees of

  • You will get the payment for each contextual advertising for at least 1 month

  • MageNet will notify you if a buyer refuses from the advertising, so you could remove it from your page

  • Only the appropriate ads will be provided

  • Payment will transferred automatically once a month

  • Your personal information will be kept confidential


How works?

How works?
How works? works in really simple manner. This platform is free for joining. After you join the network, you need to submit your website there. The video tutorial will help you to make the first steps to understand the system.

Client Panel of Magenet
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The crawlers of will be crawling on your website within a week. They will also be telling you about the PR1+ pages found on your blog.

Your sites page in Magenet
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Now you can multiply the number of PR1+ pages found on your website with 15. This is the amount of money that you will be paid from your website every month, if sells 1-3 links from every PR1+ page of your website.

For Example: If you are having more nearly about 100 PR1+ pages on your blog then you can generate around $1500 every month by the link sales at The officials of will let you know about the earning opportunities, after their crawlers had finished crawling on your website. It depends completely on you to deny or accept their proposal accordingly. They will be working on contextual links only.

What actually are Contextual ads?

For your kind information, contextual ads are the links surrounded with related text and are not consider as spam or bad links by Google. This is because of the fact that these links make perfect meanings when inserted to the text in the article. Look at the picture below to understand contextual ad in a better way.

Contextual Link Sample

You can clearly see the link inserted to the text above. These links are not considered as spam by Google.

How ads are safe?

It is very safe for you because is not selling ads only on your homepage. They will just find the PR1+ page on your website and will put on the links inside your post hyper-linking the text. The ads have different content and are pointed to different websites. These are safe links and Google will never consider them as backlink. So, no Google algorithm would create havoc for you.