From old SEO School to New SEO School

SEO is growing continuously. For more than a decade SEO was full of rich quick schemes, where the connection between the customer and business was not a primary part of the strategy for driving more traffic to your site. These two things were separated from each other.

Old seo school to new seo school

The previous job of SEO could be reduced to only two areas of effort:

  • Turning some bits on the website and making it more search engine friendly.
  • Obtain links to the website, but we are so busy to interact with, so you don’t have to know where we are getting them from.

These were all the tactics which were not of any use. Thankfully, all this is changing. Here are some of the transitions that are taking place:

Basic task

Old school

New school

Title tagsHead tag



Internal links

Main or important keywords are repeated many timesImplement the h1 tag that is slightly different from title tag

Give a list of keywords to the writer to use them in their copy


Large array of rich anchor text links


Main keyword for the page but it attracts the click throughShows the visitor to read the rest of the page

Give a topic to the writer and let them to write the compelling content


What links the users want to see are placed.


From the above table it is understood that SEO cannot be operated in a silo now. SEO practitioners need to consider factors such as user satisfaction, reputation, brand and should have the more holistic view of the world.

In fact, SEO should now be considered as an integral part of the organization. Search engines still need help in the following:

  • Discovering all the pages of your website: This is the reason why XML sitemaps should exist.
  • Understanding what the pages that exists are about: This is the reason why schema exists
  • Deciding the importance of your page: This is the reason why link building is done.


All these three areas: discovery, relevance and importance are still the important domain of SEO and the remaining organization requires that expertise. This affects marketing, development, PR and executive management teams. All of these teams need SEO Guidance and vice versa.


SEO and social media:

SEO and social media are the twins that are separated at birth. They botjh are involved in increasing the visibility of a site and brand. They both can help each other in substantial ways.

Great content helps in social success. On the contrary, a strong presence on social media allows you to have the powerful visibility for great content. At last, the work you do in building the relationships with influencers like PR, executive networking helps in accelerating the entire process.


Why Google +?

Why there is a need of Google +? Aren’t Facebook and Twitter enough? There are three reasons, why I think that Google + is necessary. They are mentioned below:

  1. It is an excellent network for making the connections and sharing the content.
  2. It is the layer across all Google services



The professionals of New SEO school is a part of a big team and a part of an integrated marketing team. It is true that there are technical aspects to SEO, so a close coordination with development team is also required.

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  1. Hi Emma Alice,
    These are really nice topic about SEO and Social Media concepts. As they both are twins but was separated from their births. I really understand their use thanks for sharing nice tips…

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