How To Optimize Your Internet Speed In Minutes

Even though we live in a world full of technological advancements and automatic machines, there are still many features that most people are unaware of.

People often complain that their internet speed is very low or that they have connectivity issues, but they complain without first checking for the solution on their end. Before you lodge a complaint with your service provider, look for the problem and try to find a solution because it might be occurring on your end. There are techniques that can be used to solve your slow internet issues. Here are some very simple tips that you can use to improve the performance of your system and increase the speed of your internet:

How To Optimize Your Internet Speed In Minutes

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Optimize Your Hardware Device

Whenever you come across a slow internet, restart your modem and router before trying anything else. This very simple method can drastically improve the speed of your internet because it refreshes the system and removes the issue that’s slowing it down. Once you’re done with rebooting your internet modem, restart your computer and then you can run a speed test to find out the actual speed of your internet connection.

Connect Your Computer Directly To The Modem

According to some experts, wireless internet connections degrade the speed of your internet by almost 30%. It’s true that Wi-Fi connections provide more convenience than wired internet connections, but if you’re in dire need of high-speed internet then you can connect your computer directly to the modem with a wire. Plugging your computer directly into the internet router with the Ethernet will boost the internet speed and you’ll be able to work at a much faster pace.

Distance Between Your Computer & Internet Modem

The speed of your internet will significantly improve if you move your computer closer to the router because your computer will be able to grab a stronger signal from the modem. Moreover, by moving closer to the modem you will decrease the physical barriers like doors, walls, and furniture, these things slow down the connection. In order to enjoy high-speed internet, make sure that your computer, or any other device, is within range of the modem.

Consider Replacing Your Modem

Due to the technological advancements, routers and modems have significantly improved with additional features. The routers that were used a decade ago won’t fulfill your requirements because they lack the latest technology upgrades. If you are facing the problem of a slow internet and you are unable to find a solution, consider replacing your router with a new one which will include the latest features that will allow you to enjoy high-speed internet.

Get Rid of Unnecessary Applications

Computers are delicate machines and these machines should not be overloaded with extra applications and programs. You can enhance the performance of your computer by deleting the applications and programs that you no longer use. Unnecessary applications reduce the performance of your device as it’s overloaded with useless software.

Scan Your Computer For Viruses

Viruses are bugs that decrease the performance of your computer by infecting it with a disease. Dangerous viruses like Trojan Horse can seriously damage your computer by corrupting the files stored within it. These viruses can also consume your bandwidth and reduce the speed of your internet. To avoid such threats, you should have an anti-virus software installed on your computer so that you can easily detect and delete the viruses when they attack your computer.

Close All Unnecessary Tabs

When you’re using the internet on your browser, sometimes you open multiple tabs in the same window, and this causes more bandwidth consumption because all the tabs are using the internet. In order to enjoy an uninterruptable internet connection, you should only open the tabs that you need to use and close all the unnecessary ones.

Change Your Service Provider

Last, but certainly not least, you can look for a new internet service provider if you’re constantly suffering connectivity issues. There are many service providers in the United States that offer fast and reliable internet services. Frontier is one of those reputable companies which offers high-speed internet with great additional benefits like Frontier Telephone and Internet Security for safe browsing.