Top 5 tips to optimize your website for voice search in 2022

Search engine like Google Bing or Yandex is updating its algorithm frequently to make their search engine smarter in ranking the useful and informative websites of different niche smartly. It is estimated that by the end of next year more than 80% of the searches will be made by voice on Google. As Google is a big giant in SEO industry these days and everyone wants to be on the top of Google voice search to get tremendous amount of voice search traffic. People often are puzzled to know what to do to optimize their website for Voice search. If you are also searching for the same here are top 5 tips to optimize your website for voice search in 2022.

Tips to optimize website for voice search
  • Use SSL – In the year 2022 if you do not have SSL enabled in your website then you are going to lose a huge traffic as people will not be able to access your website as they might get an error on Google about potential threats and they might come out from the website which will increase your website bounce rate. Hence it is essential that you must have an SSL as it is considered good for voice search rankings as well as effective in online communication and money transaction for business.
  • Use keywords with “near me” or “nearby me” – People often search for keywords like “Java Development Company near me” or python Development Company nearby me. So if the company website has these keywords in content’s headings and paragraph then chances are high that they get ranked quickly in voice searches.
  • Use of embed media flies like YouTube videos etc. – It is seen that videos on particular topic like how to etc. always have YouTube videos in featured snippets. Hence embedding YouTube videos in the website will improve users overall experience and they can stay longer on the website which give good signal to Google search engine.
  • Improve your website page speed – Minimize the file size of your website using G zip compression. Optimize the codes and minify it by html and CSS minified. Use Optimized images, media files, and reduce the dependency of CSS or java scripts.
  • Frame FAQ and answer them nicely in short paragraph – If you search for your keywords and see some hints in the bottom then you can also use them for framing frequently asked questions. It is seen that sometimes these frequently asked questions also get ranked quickly. Using Quora, Google my business also serve this purpose.

Why do we need to optimize our website for voice search?

There was time when people though smartphones as luxurious item but nowadays it have become a necessity for everyone for us. We cannot stay cool minded without our smartphones. People use voice search as they find it difficult to type and Google allows them to search on their search engines by just speaking to the phone. It identifies the keywords from their voices and find resemblance from the websites that are available online that are indexed. It then ranks them on the basis of popularity, usefulness or freshness of content. In case we do not optimize our website then we will lose traffic from these voice searches and will never improve organic traffic through voice search. Alexa tool bars can help you know about how much traffic you are getting through voice search.

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