Why Paper Matters: Printing Invitations Professionally for Special Events

If you’re planning printing invitations professionally for a special occasion like your wedding, a corporate launch or your grandparents 50th anniversary you must take into account that paper quality is just as important as the text itself! The material you print on can make -or break- your special invites.

Invitations are your event’s first impression. Make sure your guests RSVP “Yes!” by printing thoughtful invitations on forget-me-not, luxurious, paper. We took a look at two party-ready printing papers: The Prestige and Metallic Pearl paper collections by 4over4.com

We judge both paper collections based on paper quality, color availability and customizing options on this Printastic Review, read on!

The Prestige Paper Collection

Paper Quality

This is a 3 to 8 times thicker paper than regular invitation printing options. The ending result is very resistant and adds great texture to the cards.

Color Availability

Although it’s a white-only paper collection, beautiful Color Seams are available in red, black or crisp white. You can match the invitation’s font color to the seam or use a contrasting one for the wow-factor. Add a gloss or high gloss UV coating for extra zing.

Customizing Options

Paper thickness is available in 32, 64, 48 and 80 points, can be custom cut and is relatively new to the market -so chances are your invitations will be one of a kind prints.

Our Rreview: The prestige collection adds elegance and character to the simplest of designs. It looks lush, so we recommend it for super stylish weddings, showers and ultra chic corporate events. The rich texture is bound to impress guests.

The Metallic Pearl Paper Collection

Paper Quality

While prestige抯 strength is thickness, pearl抯 forte is luminosity. Printing invitations on metallic pearl paper adds a natural shimmer to the cards which are already attractive. The best part is that they come with matching invitation envelopes made of the same material.

Color Availability

Metallic pearl paper and invitation envelopes come in 4 colors: ice, champagne, gold and silver. Paper colors are no limitation for print colors, but it is a good idea to take text and design color into consideration to match to the paper.

Customizing Options

Text and design is fully customizable, however, paper thickness has no variations.

Another interesting fact about the metallic pearl paper is that both invitation cards and invitation envelopes use organic pigments and fall into the eco-friendly category!

Have you picked a favorite? Which one would you choose for your own invitations?