5 Plugins to Speed up WordPress Websites 

Blogging and website management are some of the most in-demand and popular freelancing job options in the present times. Many website management sites have come up with blogging platforms to provide solutions to keep up with this increment in demand. Amidst them, WordPress is one of the most versatile and widely popular blogging websites that people use to set up their business web pages and blogs. Due to its different built-in features and the provision of an easy and user-friendly interface, it is usually the first choice for any entrepreneur to start their website or host articles on their blog.  

Plugins to Speed up WordPress Websites

Many websites like Artisan Geek’s literature reviews, breakout escape rooms, Umikochanart’s digital art page, or R C Waldun’s daily journaling blog use WordPress or similar platforms to promote their content and invite more users to connect with them online. But sometimes, your work doesn’t stop at just creating content and posting it. You must also account for how it appears to your audience and whether they are satisfied with its performance. 

Usually, a website with multiple images and long-form content reduces the loading speed and causes hindrance in the user experience. It increases the bounce-back rate and negatively affects your website’s ranking on the organic search page. But you can sort this problem out using speed plugins. They help reduce the loading time of your website and increase its overall performance. So, let us look at the top 5-plugins that can help you speed up your WordPress website: 

  1. WP Rocket 

Rightfully known as the all-in-one plugin, WP Rocket is the ideal WordPress performance booster equipped with various features and elements. There are many caching functionality and plugins available in it that eliminate the necessity to install other optimizing attributes for accomplishing the same purpose on the website. And it also has various elements that make it easy to install and set up without affecting your webpage’s performance. 

Why you should use it: 

  • It is one of the best user-friendly plugin interfaces. 
  • It minifies your CSS, HTML, and Javascript execution time. 
  • It advances your page load time and core web vitals. 
  • It comes with advanced caching rules and database optimization. 
  • It has image lazy loading and can host the Google Analytics program on your website.  
  1. W3 Total Cache 

The W3 Total Cache is a widely used and popular WordPress plugin whose elements extend beyond the simple cache preload functions. It is a speed enhancer that comes in handy for improving your website’s SEO results, core web vitals, and overall user experience. You can save around 80% of the bandwidth and gain visitor time on your website without compromising the speed and content quality. And its highly efficient search engine page ranking often makes it the perfect choice for advanced bloggers and website users. 

Why you should use it: 

  • It supports CDN and advanced Cloudflare services. 
  • It has several caching attributes like browser caching, database caching, object caching, and many more. 
  • It can minify your website’s CSS, HTML, and JS data. 
  • It is available for free. 
  1. NitroPack 

NitroPack is not only a WordPress enhancing plugin, but it is also a speed optimization medium. Often, our website lacks one prime feature despite being rich in content, and that is high-speed. But you can solve this problem by installing the NitroPack plugin. All you have to do is upload your website and select its speed optimization and performance. And after you are done placing your option, it automatically takes care of all the details like image optimization, compression, website speeding, etc., without deploying any extra plugin. 

Why you should use it: 

  • It has automatic website and image optimization features. 
  • It can minify and compress CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. 
  • You can convert your images into next-gen formats. 
  • It comes with several caching varieties. 
  • It supports WordPress and multiple other blogging and content management sites. 
  1. LazyLoad by WP Rocket 

Sometimes when the webpage has extensive and long-form content, the browser naturally takes more time to load the complete information at once. And it consequently reduces your website’s speed and optimized performance. But you can avoid this problem by installing the LazyLoad plugin available in the WP Rocket. Its features ensure that the whole page isn’t loaded at once and allow the content to be displayed gradually as the user scrolls down. 

Why you should use it: 

  • It loads the content only in the user’s first fold of the browser window. 
  • It loads your images and content with the visitor’s scrolling. 
  • It reduces your HTTP demands and increases the initial loading speed. 
  • It is free to use and install. 
  1. WP Smush 

If you are looking for a plugin that will help you optimize the images for your blogging website, WP Smush is the right choice. We often observe that high quality and larger resolution image files affect the speed of your website and cause slow loading and hinder a good user experience. But by using the WP Smush plugin, you can compress the images and reduce the overall image size without compromising its quality. 

Why you should use it: 

  • It supports all image file types like JPG/JPEG, GIF, and PNG. 
  • It can compress 50 images at once in case of multiple pictures. 
  • It is easily compatible with other plugins. 
  • It eliminates any metadata present in each of your illustrations.  


Once you have optimized your WordPress website, test it a couple of times to see if the plugins are working as per your preference. And when you think you are ready and satisfied with the execution, you are now prepared to launch your updated content amongst your followers. The enhanced efforts from your side will add to their user experience and allow them to enjoy scrolling through your pages and refer your content to more people. And it wouldn’t be too long when your group might grow into a larger audience who will appreciate your service and invest in promoting your brand on a larger platform.