Why Prepaid Smart Phones Are the Smart Options

Before running to a major carrier and signing up for a two-year contract, those who are in the market for a mobile phone plan should consider choosing a prepaid smartphone. Although some automatically write off this type of plan by assuming that it will not work for their lifestyles or will not offer the services they need, these prepaid plans are actually quite spectacular. These quick facts offer a sampling of the many reasons why prepaid smart phones are smart options for many people.


Why Prepaid Smart Phones Are the Smart Options


They Have No Lengthy Contracts

The most obvious and well-loved benefit of prepaid phones is that there is no contract. Users are not tied to a particular phone or carrier for two years or more and do not face hefty fees should they decide to switch carriers. The only reason an individual is tied to a prepaid smartphone is to use up the minutes that are left.


Prepaid Smartphones Give Freedom

Not only is there freedom from a contract, but also there is freedom to use phone minutes when one wishes. The user does not have to worry about whether he is making a call on an evening or weekend. There is freedom to set one’s own budget as well. For example, if the individual does not have as much income one month as compared to the next, he or she is not tied to paying the same monthly rate for services that may not be needed that month. Instead, it is only minutes or data that will need to be purchased


They Can Provide the Same Services as Plans with Contracts Do

Some may think that they will have terrible phone service if they choose a prepaid plan. This is not the case whatsoever. These users have access to phone, texting and data just like everyone else. Additionally, prepaid phones typically offer the same network coverage that contract plans offer because they use the same cell phone towers.


There are No Charges for Going Over on Minutes

The prepaid smartphone user never needs to worry about going over his allotted minutes and being charged a terribly high rate. Instead, when more minutes are needed, they can be purchased over the phone with a credit card handy. In addition, those who do not use all of their minutes in one month need not worry; minutes do not expire at the end of a month.


Prepaid Smartphones Do Not Require a Credit Check

Because there is no credit check, these phones are perfect for people who do not have a credit history or who have bad credit due to debt or other concerns. For example, those who have just graduated from college or those who have never had a credit card will find these phones to be the best options for them. There is no credit check because users purchase minutes before rather than after using them.


Prepaid Plans Do Not Include Expensive Deposits

There are no added costs with these phones. Users simply purchase the phones and regularly purchase minutes as needed. Most mobile phone plans with contracts require at least a one-month initial deposit.


They Are Perfect for Teenagers

Many parents find that they prefer this type of cell phone to a phone for which they receive a monthly bill for their teenagers. In this way, parents can be more in control of how much time their children are spending on the phone. This eliminates the surprise of large bills and overage charges at the end of the month.


They Are Perfect in Emergencies

Prepaid smartphones are great for people who are on vacation or away from home and find that they need a phone. They are also the perfect option when a regular cell phone breaks and is waiting to be repaired. Because prepaid phones can be found at most electronics stores and many big box stores, they easily accessible to anyone that is in a predicament.


Prepaid smartphones are becoming more of a viable option these days. They offer many of the same services that contracted plans offer while also giving users great freedom in their mobile usage. Today, users will find numerous options, including major as well as less familiar carriers.