Preventative Measures to Take After a Data Breach

Preventative Measures to Take After a Data Breach
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If your confidential business data has been hacked, you certainly wouldn’t be the first person to fall victim to cyber theft, in fact, it happens every day. Skilled code writers who have turned their skills to illegal activities create new and innovative ways to steal online data, and rather than waiting for it to happen, you are advised to call in a specialist data security expert to appraise your cyber-security. If the worst should ever happen and you have fallen victim to a hacker, here are a few preventative measures to ensure there will be no repeat.

Preventative Measures to Take After a Data Breach

  • Call in a Data Security Expert – This is vital, as only a specialist can find out how the breach occurred, and he will also recommend measures to prevent any further breaches. There are managed IT security services Sydney companies trust, and they can quickly get to the bottom of the breach and ensure that your data is well-protected from any future hacking attempts.
  • Determine What Was Stolen – Only an expert can do this, and sometimes the virus covers its tracks, making it very difficult to trace. Once you know what data was stolen, you can assess the possible damage it would cause and notify people that need to know their data has been compromised. Banks and other lending institutions should be notified immediately if their information is included in the breach.
  • Managed Network Cyber Security Services – There are specialist companies who are dedicated to protecting their clients’ data, which is both affordable and very effective. For a small investment, you will have round the clock support from a professional data security organisation, which means you can focus on what you do best, running the business. Large scale breaches that involve personal bank details can have disastrous consequences, which is something to avoid at all costs.
Cyber Security Measures
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  • Change All Passwords – This must be done to ensure future breaches do not occur, as you have no idea how many passwords have been compromised as the hacker made their way to your data. You could implement a double authorisation system that requires the input of two individuals, which all but eliminates the chances of having the password stolen.
  • Train your Staff – If you teach your staff about harmful viruses and the best practices to minimise the risk of a data breach, this will strengthen your overall security. All employees should know not to double click on any email attachment that doesn’t come from an expected source, and they should have a basic understanding of network security.
  • Carry Out Penetrative Tests – If you call in a specialist day security company, they will try to steal your data, using many different tools, and these penetrative tests will show up any weaknesses in the security system you are using. This series of tests might take a couple of days and would very extensive, looking for any way to access the network.
Measures to Take After a Data Breach
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While no one wants to have their business data stolen, it does happen, and the best form of protection is hiring a data security specialist who will establish your needs and implement the recommended action, thus protecting your data at all times.

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