Reach- Social File Sharing App

If you are able to relate to what you’ll read in the next few lines, trust me, this short reading can help you a lot!

Have you ever bugged a friend at 2 in the night with a USB drive, asking to transfer some music? What if they have slept and you have to go through virus-filled websites to finally get the song you so badly want?

Suppose you are on a trip with your friends or with family. Well, I am sure you’ll click a minimum of 200 photos? After every click you’ll hear “Please share this over WhatsApp”. Annoying as it is to be reminded repeatedly through the vacation, it doesn’t end when you want sleep the travel stress away. Do you keep procrastinating sending the pictures?

You are at the college hostel wing. Do you knock at doors with a “Do you have this movie?” or “Can I borrow your hard drive?”

Now envision a world where you can browse through media files from the mobile devices of your friends and get the files of your choosing. Yes, it can be that easy with Reach- Social Sharing App.

reach social sharing app

How Reach works?

Reach is an Android mobile application which allows you to get the media files you like from the device you like. With a unique direct gadget-to-gadget transfer technology, you can sit anywhere in the world and get the files without any servers in between. You can browse the music collection of your friends, stay updated with the fun games and apps they use or even the photos you clicked on your last trip together!

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Currently, it works with your phonebook friends, just like WhatsApp. All you need to do is invite your friends, take a one-time permission to access their content, and you’re good to go!


While making the account, Reach gives you all the privacy options to manage the accessibility of your content. You can choose the files you wish to make visible to your friends and hide the ones you find private.

We have launched the app with audio files, while other media types like apps and photos are coming in a few weeks.

Reach doesn’t upload any file on its servers, so your content is totally personal. The app is very light, just 4.2 MB. Every file that you give or take access to can be seen in your Reach Queue, and once added, can be played offline.

The app has an integrated smart data consumption system where your file transfer resumes from where it stopped, in case of any connection breakage.

People behind Reach

The app is developed by NSIT and IIT graduates, with a team of engineers from Google, Snapdeal, Zomato and Adobe.

Do try it out with a few friends! It works really well!

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Note: This is not a sponsored post. We loved the concept of the App which convinced us to feature Reach on TechnologyEnd. Thanks to Akhsay for the content.
P.S.: We are always keen to promote Indian startups and we will ensure the same in future as well.