Are you ready for a Smartphone?

A great product

There is no denying that Smartphone are innovations that have taken the telecommunication industry by storm. They have completely changed the concept and the purpose of cell phones. Before Smartphone were developed, the phones were merely a means of communication by calls or text messages with occasional pictures and listening to music. But the Smartphone have made it possible o do a lot more. The only problem that usually stops people from purchasing a Smartphone right away is the cost. Smart phones are really expensive which is why people are usually confused whether it is the right decision to buy a Smartphone or should they stick with regular cell phones.

Are you ready for a smartphone?
Are you ready for a smartphone?


A tough decision to make

It is true that the Smartphone have a lot of features that make it exciting and tempting but because of the hefty price you should seriously consider if it worth it. The question people ask is if the time is correct. Let us now discuss the implications and consequences.

The first question that arises is that do you really need a Smartphone. To answer this question you will have to analyze what exactly is the purpose. What kind of functions do you want your phone to perform? Smart phones are famous for their many features but the question arises is that do you really need those features.

The next thing you have to remember is that Smartphone are famous because they provide the option of being connection via social media such as face book and twitter. To avail this you need to have internet or Wi-Fi connection at all times.

The other thing which is the reason for the popularity of the Smartphone’s is the huge array of apps that can be used by it. The question arises do you really need the apps. If you are interested in photography, for instance, there are many apps available for that but if you click pictures simply for the sake of preserving a moment as it is a regular cell phone can do that just fine.

To summarize, your decision depends on your intentions. If you buy a Smartphone just for the sake of it you will not be able to have much fun with it and will find it troublesome.

ready for a smartphoneDo not follow the trend blindly

It is never a good idea to follow something blindly, to do something because everybody else is doing it. Think carefully if it is something you really want. There is no doubt that Smartphone are very useful and fun but they are worth the price only if you make use of it properly and the features are of use to you. It is not a good idea to purchase a Smartphone if your needs do not coincide with its features. There is a lot of money at stake here. So make your decision wisely. If you intend to use the various apps, or if you have to remain connected at all hours and have good internet connectivity, only then you should go for the Smartphone as only then will you be able to understand its true worth.