How to Recover Deleted Messages, Contacts from Android Phone

You may go through such experiences as data lost with unknown reason. How did it affect your life? Same as you, one thing that all adults have in common is that they made it through such bad experiences. As the owner, you can delete, rename, and move any files and directories piece by piece at a time. But sometimes, certain software or plug-in that hidden in some necessary tools delete those files that you actually need. You might not find deletion until the day you when you try using them. In order to avoid deletion, you even drag the shortcut for certain files and put it to the taskbar, after which you will not worry about file lost even if you delete the desktop shortcut.

It really brings positive outcomes for maintain necessary files for you. When you did same things to cope with the deletion matter on your android phone to prevent mobile messages and contacts deleted unexpected, the negative influence come with it. Every coin has two sides. It is too troublesome for you to create a shortcut or pull each piece of important messages or contacts into the taskbar. For deletion, it is essential, but for other operations it is not important at all. Neither extra shortcut, nor taskbar access establishment is not preferred approaches for users to take account in.

Based on computer side, the third party software usually can offer many services for almost all electronics devices. It can keep as clean as possible without any advertising windows. As the professional software, Coolmuster Data Recovery for Android is such a Android helper with focusing on the working process and it is just one process for all. It offers easy operation interface, good looking appearances, and easy accessible ability to scan all partitions in each part of Android phones. It is less likely to miss anything important when it is restore messages and contacts from Android phones. If it happened to you, read this guide:
how to retrieve lost contacts on Android SIM card.


Recoverable Types

Contacts: Information you have recorded—names, number and email.

Messages: The contents and the date when you sent or received them.

WhatsApp: WhatsApp messages and attachments, like photos.

Gallery: Two modes for you to choose—to preview the photos and their names, or just show names, sizes and formats of the photos.

Videos: Most types. rmvb, for example.

Documents: Supported formats include htm, zip, doc, xls and pdf.



Note: SMS, contacts, WhatsApp, pictures, videos and other files are available in memory cards; while photos, videos, music and many others in SD card.


So, it is important to know more what framework that you can adopt for coping with deleted Android messages and contacts are out there and what kind of useful tool can do for you. If you lose or delete away your Android phone messages or contacts, you may not only lose a sense of happiness, but you may vast swaths of the working chance just totally gone. Therefore, if lost, you must consider restoring all deleted Android phone messages and contacts efficiently and quickly. We suggest that you better not to rely on recovering any data with the mobile phone itself preset tools including certain plug-in or gadget allowed installing to your mobile phones. So far not a single one mobile phone manufacturer is willing to provide such services in default settings including any types of Android phone. Even you insist on install software on the mobile phone for attempting data restores, you will find it is added with much junk information shown with the icon which is not easy to remove at all.


Supported Devices

Samsung: Galaxy S 5, Galaxy S 4 mini, Galaxy S III, Note 3, Note II and all rooted devices

Sony: Xperia Z2/ Z1/ T2/ Z Ultra

Motorola: Moto X/G/E, Droid Maxx, Droid Mini, Droid Razr M

LG: G3, G2, MS770, P769, E970, VS840

HTC: M8, M7, HTC One MAX, HTC One mini

Google: Nexus 5, Nexus 4

Tips: Android Data Recovery is suitable for Android OS between 2.1 and 4.4.