Redmorph App: The Ultimate Privacy and Security Solution

Redmorph entered Indian Market in January this year, with launch of its mobile security app for Android in the Indian market. India is all set tp displace US and become the market with second highest number of smartphone users in 2018. Redmorph is a US based technology firm which have entered India with Redmorph App, what is being called – “The Ultimate Privacy and Security Solution”.

Redmorph App : The Ultimate Privacy and Security Solution


Redmorph’s android app allows users to control and protect their privacy and security online. The Ultimate Privacy and Security Solution also allows users to visualize in real time what is happening in the background behind apps, Operating system and websites. The app protects you from different type of threats to your privacy and content on the device. It is equipped with algorithms to audit all system and user apps to determine and minimize risks. It also comes with behavioral and predictive analysis to identify and block suspicious apps from causing any threats.

Redmorph App also protects you by preventing malicious apps from spying on banking, email, social and other critical apps. Equipped with daily tracker and app definitions updates, the app ensures full protection from threatening behavior from apps on the customer’s phone. Redmorph app offers a unique all-inclusive solution for smartphone users to get proactive control over not just privacy but over security aspects as well.

Redmorph’s Ultimate Privacy and Security Solution App can be downloaded from: Google PlayStore or Redmorph Website (direct APK download). It is priced at Rs. 50 per month with 21 days trial also on offer.


  • After you download and open the app for the first time, it will automatically start scanning the apps on your device right after the welcome screen. In my case, it took 1-2 minutes to scan around 200 apps on my device. After that, it will display results as shown in the 3rd screenshot below. Then, click the PROCEED button to get it to work and fix the risks for you.

redmorph appredmorph appredmorph security app

  • To fix a number of threats and work in the background, it will ask you to give permission(s) to setup VPN. This is mainly needed to block or limit internet access to apps which might be putting you and your data at risk. Then, Device Secured and firewall activation message will be displayed and that will mean you are very much done with the setup. You can always go to settings by swiping from left, in case you want to tweak some stuff.

screenshot_20180214-155234redmorph reviewscreenshot_20180214-155357

Redmorph is a partner of Carnegie Mellon University’s CyLab Privacy and Security Institute in United States. This security solution from Redmorph is developed from years of R&D by top-fight software engineers and algorithm experts. The redmorph app enables the blocking of non-essential background activity, trackers and network connections which results in significant data usage savings, faster browsing and improved device performance in most devices. Redmorph doesn’t store any personal information of users, it respect the data privacy of users. It was recognized by The New York Times as the most effective solution at blocking trackers and was awarded as a finalist in the 2017 SXSW Innovation Awards.

Redmorph is a good app with good technology and thinking behind it. This might be what you are looking for. Try Redmorph to heal your privacy and security concerns for once and forever.

“The privacy conversation in India is at a pivotal juncture as data has transformed to the status of digital DNA. Consumers today are finding it difficult to make informed decisions, allowing apps multiple permissions to access data due to permission fatigue. This could lead to misuse of user data. At Redmorph, we believe that privacy is a precursor to security and are committed to helping people better protect their privacy online” said Abhay Edlabadkar, Founder & CEO, Redmorph.