Revealing the Secret of alexa ranking – With Proofs!

Revealing the Secret of alexa ranking - With Proofs!

How do you improve Alexa ranking of your site?

Yes, There are many techniques to improve your Alexa ranking. Many bloggers have already posted their techniques to improve Alexa ranking and today, It’s time for something new! Yes, I am back with some new techniques to improve your Alexa rank. Today, I will show you how Alexa gives ranking to any website.

Nowadays, Many bloggers want higher Alexa rank because by getting it higher you will get many benefits. You will get more advertisers as well as you will get more price of your website if you are going to sell it. I though it is the right time to reveal the secret of Alexa ranking. I will also give the reason behind ranking of any site with proof and logic.

First of all, Let me show you how the Alexa ranking works!

How Actually the Alexa ranking works?

No one can count the number of visitors on your site without your permission or code. There are billions of site and all of them are not going to give permission to Alexa to count the number of their visitors. Here, Alexa becomes inaccurate. As a result, Alexa released a toolbar.

Now, Again the problem occurs! If you have 10 visitors but 1 of them has Alexa toolbar installed in his/her browser, Alexa will count only 1 visitor to your site. According to Alexa, you got only 1 visitor but in reality you got 10 visitors.

All of the internet users are not going to install Alexa toolbar in their browser. For example, There are 2 boys who visit your site daily. One of them is an engineer and one of them is the web entrepreneur. One who is web entrepreneur has Alexa toolbar installed because he is interested in Alexa ranking of other sites while one who is an engineer doesn’t have Alexa toolbar installed in browser because he doesn’t care about Alexa ranking of any site.

In this case, You have 2 regular visitors but according to Alexa, you have only 1. Finally, Those who will target visitors having Alexa toolbar installed in their browser will get higher Alexa rank. Now, Let me show you the proof of this matter.

Site 1: Visitors with Alexa toolbar installed

  • Name: Ideas overdose
  • URL:
  • Daily visitors: 100
  • Twitter followers: 70
  • PR: 0
  • Age: 3 months 10 days
  • Alexa rank: 35,665 worldwide!

The Reason Of Higher Rankings: This blog is visited by bloggers and entrepreneurs. They have Alexa toolbar installed in their browsers because they are interested in checking Alexa rank of other sites. Now it’s time of the second website.

Site 2: Visitors without Alexa toolbar

  • Name: The health care blog
  • URL:
  • Daily visitors: Thousands
  • Twitter Followers: 21300
  • PR: 6
  • Age: 11 Years 8 months
  • Alexa rank: 104,900 worldwide!

The Reason of Lower rankings: This blog is visited by normal peoples and medical students. They even don’t know about Alexa ranking because they don’t have to take anything with Alexa ranking of their as well as other’s website. They don’t have Alexa toolbar installed in their browser because they don’t care about Alexa ranking of any website.

So, Now you realized that Alexa doesn’t give rank to any website by total visitors. Alexa gives ranking to any website by counting the visitors having Alexa toolbar!

So, if you have health blog, fashion blog, insurance blog or any other blog in which you can’t get visitors having Alexa toolbar installed, don’t worry about Alexa ranking because its not your fault. If you want to improve Alexa ranking on that niche also then we have a solution for that too! Here are some techniques which work for any niche.

Tips to improve Alexa ranking

1. Write about your blogging experience

In your blog, add one category named blogging and write about your experience in blogging. By this way, you can attract bloggers and your Alexa rank will get improved a lot!

2. Comment on Popular blogging niche blogs

There are some bloggers like me who drive a lot of traffic from popular blogging niche blogs also! What you have to do is you have to comment on that blog and that’s all. Not an ordinary comment but you have to write meaningful comment by which you can attract visitors from that blog to your blog. One of my comment drove hundreds of visitors from one popular blogging niche blog.

3. Give a backlink to Alexa: Old but gold

This technique really works! If you will give a backlink to Alexa then your Alexa rank will improve. This is verified by me and it is working technique. By giving backlink to Alexa, your Alexa rank will improve.


Conclusion: In this article, You got the secret of Alexa rank. Alexa only counts the visitors having Alexa toolbar installed in their browser. You will get higher Alexa rank if you will target visitors having Alexa toolbar installed. I also gave some working tips by which you can improve Alexa rank, Niche doesn’t matters.