A Review of The Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung’s new telephone is an intense glass and metal upgrade of the plastic handset that turned into a standout amongst the most universal Android telephones out there. A 5.1-inch shocker with a 577 PPI, 2560 x 1440 AMOLED screen, Exynos 7420 processor, an awesome 16MP back confronting cam, two types of remote charging, a non-removable 2550 mAh battery, and no microSD extension. A cell phone that looks a ton, in the same way as an iPhone more than the heredity of plastic telephones that set off a torrential slide of claims. It’s uncannily recognizable. It’s likewise a really awesome telephone which you can purchase with the latest Samsung mobile coupons.

Wonderful and strong in a manner a Samsung telephone has never been previously. No more fake leather, dimpled Band-Aid plastic or fake metal edges-the Galaxy S6 is all glass and aluminum. Past Samsung telephones attempted to look premium.

samsung galaxy s6 review

It looks extraordinary from all edges. The glass back feels and looks tasteful; the catches feel extraordinary, the metal trim is exquisite. From one perspective the Galaxy S6 configuration is not especially one of a kind or energizing. It would appear liket an iPhone. A ton like an iPhone!. It’s ever for a part second-truth be told, the S6 has a littler catch and distinctive front confronting speakers and a SAMSUNG logo-yet with the same shading and shape, the comparability is the first thing you’ll take note.

Around the sides, the S6 has an adjusted metal edge that is somewhat like the iPhone, however not so much. As opposed to being completely adjusted, it really levels a bit, which does miracles to make this thing simple to hold and sink into your hand. The iPhone 6’s full adjusted edges make it sense that it could pop out of your hand like a bar of cleanser in the event that you truly issued it a passing hold. Also, the S6 doesn’t experience the ill effects of that.

With its 5.1-inch screen however smallish top and base bezels, the S6 is not that much greater than the iPhone 6. It falls directly into what I for one (in fact with largish man-hands) consider to be the best place for non-massive telephone size.

The Galaxy S6 is blisteringly quick. Exchanging between applications, looking through the multitasking line, pulling down the notification bar, opening the cam, running recreations, I not even once saw the smallest hitch in execution. There’s nothing fiercely toss your-hair-back about the pace; it’s not unimaginable or anything like that. Other smartphones feel quick, as well. At the same time the S6 does all that you’d need it to as fast as you could ask. What’s more, it does it reliably.


The S6 runs on a processor made by Samsung itself known as the Exynos rather than the Qualcomm’s new lead Snapdragon 810, yet it doesn’t languish over it in the smallest. Until further notice, however, the S6 a delight to utilize and it merits communicating once again how not-frightful Samsung’s restrictive UI has gotten. In a dash of great choices, Samsung has winnowed the majority of the additional horse crap alternatives out of things like the cam. Once jumbled with pointless switches, it now looks basic, clean, with simply the catches you need and need. It’s for all intents and purposes vague from stock Android when you boot it up.

The fast notice catches, those ones you use to flip things like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth from the warning shade? TouchWiz issues you alternatives to modify the ones you need, without slapping you in the face with like 50 pointless catches for “Golf mode” or whatever madly unessential bologna it used to. All that, in addition to the material configuration ethos in Android Lollipop has bled over into TouchWiz and made it less revolting than any time in recent memory. Samsung has figured out how to keep its bologna out of your way.

However, we were expecting the battery to be better. It’s satisfactory, yet for each telephone that is all “goodness amazing, meager!” or “enormous battery yet look at this pointlessly nuts screen!”.

The Galaxy S6 is incredible. With extraordinary execution, premium configuration and a cam that just shouts. It’s a strong purchase for anybody searching for a premium, strong, not-generous Android gadget. What’s more, on the off chance that you like the iPhone yet for reasons unknown can’t force yourself to purchase an iPhone, Samsung’s generally got you secured.

Anyhow simply on the grounds that it’s phenomenal doesn’t essentially make it energizing. Unless you plan purchase a Gear VR to run with it-or imagine you’ve got an iPhone then there’s nothing readily new or extraordinary here to hotshot to your companions. Genuinely, I discover it a touch of exhausting. It’s simply an extraordinary smartphone, a mobile with no colossal drawbacks, which is really damn uncommon in the Android world.. It’s only the following telephone you’ll end up purchasing and when you do, buy it with the latest amazon coupons.