Samsung Galaxy S9: What’s the story so far?

People are enjoying the new Samsung Galaxy S8 and have started speculating its successor, Samsung Galaxy S9. Though Note 7 degraded the fame of Samsung but Galaxy S8 wrote a success story of 2017 covering the Note 7 incidents.

The same is expected from Galaxy S9. If this upcoming smart phone won the hearts of people as S8 is doing then people will even forget the Note 7 and incidents related to it. The Galaxy S9 will mark a new benchmark with it 4K quality display and curved unibody.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Design

Samsung Is expected to make some changes as compared to Galaxy S8. The company would recognize the faults in the Galaxy S8 and won’t let them occur in the Galaxy S9. Mainly it would consider the fingerprint sensor which it placed beside the camera of Galaxy S8 instead of beneath the screen. People didn’t like the idea of placing this fingerprint sensor at the back, so the company may move it to beneath the front screen. But as said earlier it is only expected and nothing is confirmed.

Samsung Galaxy S9

Considering other things, the company may keep the unibody of metal and glass as it has kept in Galaxy S8 because this design stole the hearts of many people. The front of the phone is expected to be covered mostly with Infinity Display with bezels getting even slimmer.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Display

According to rumors, as the Infinity Display of Galaxy S8 created a buzz in the market, the company would bring the Galaxy S9 with the similar idea of display. In terms of improvements, the company will upgrade it to the 4K video quality. Users along with 4K video quality will also enjoy the VR and 3D touch capabilities.

Keeping all other things beside the remarkable upgrade would be that company brings 7th Gen OLED display in the Galaxy S9. This display gives you the feeling of reality with more than 800 pixels per inch. It would be remarkable as other manufacturers are working with old OLED display.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Specs

Samsung and Qualcomm has came together to work for Galaxy S9. They are expected to develop the next Exynos chipset or Snapdragon 845 processor, but both are not confirmed yet. Once it is finalized, the production of the high-power chip would be given to either Samsung or TMSC.

These two giants company, Samsung and Qualcomm has worked for the Snapdragon 835 processor on which currently Galaxy S8 is running.  Now other companies are also promising the Snapdragon 835 in their upcoming devices but as the Samsung has monopoly he may reduce the supply. However, this project was successful and same is expected from Galaxy S9.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Dual-Camera

The Samsung Galaxy S9 would come with a dual lens camera to rival iPhone 7 Plus, Mate 9 and LG G6. However, the upcoming phone, Note 8 is also expected to come with dual lens camera which would ultimately pass to S9. This will capture the picture which would have extremely an awesome quality. Along with this front camera may come with an Iris Scanner which would add a level to your phone security. A dual LED flash is also beside the dual lens camera at back.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Artificial Intelligence

Samsung is also expected to come up with a level higher of Bixby in Galaxy S9. Though Samsung did a really good job by introducing Bixby, an AI assistant in Galaxy S8 but it may have to work hard to compete Siri and Google assistant. The assistant is well integrated into the OS and boasts a decent user experience.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Release Date and Price

If the Samsung is planning to launch the Galaxy S9 at MWC, similar to all other devices then it is expected to launch at the end of February 2018. But if it gets late as it got at the time of Galaxy S8 then may get a bit late. The Galaxy S8 was launched at the end of March 2017.

Talking about the price and considering the company’s past, every upgraded edition has been launched with a higher price as compared to the last edition. So, where the Galaxy was launched at $849, the Galaxy S9 with next generation features is expected to launch with a price tag of $950.


If all the rumors and expectations are proved true by the company in its launch of Galaxy S9 in the next year, then this device would really be a stalwart and a flagship for the year 2018. Various reports and company’s executive have given hints to some of the features but hats off to the company’s administration that it has kept lips tight enough to not to utter anything before the time.