Track your Website’s SEO Performance by Taking Into Account the Services of Ranktrader

If you would like be successful in the industry of web business, then you should really consider the services of Ranktrader. Ranktrader is an online stock market that is specifically made for web sites and it offers numerous benefits. In this way you can easily make additional cash for your internet site. Maybe the best thing about this is that they have analytical tools that is prove to assist keep an eye on SEO activities.


As a site owner, it’s imperative that you keep track of your SEO, specially when you’ve spent money to optimize your website for the search engines like google. You’ll need to know exactly how your site progressed over a particular period, and also determine specific causes of your site’s rise and fall in the search results.

Make sure that your SEO ranking is always number one, so you would have your money’s worth. Assess if it’s somehow giving you more than what you’ve invested. Furthermore, it’s your job to evaluate your SERP raking constantly. There are many metrics beside those that have been mentioned that could impact your website’s ranking, know these metrics, then website which are working in favor.

Because of the high costs of rank tracking tools, ordinary site owners cannot afford to acquire one for themselves. Unlike before, it is much inexpensive given that service providers are offering it to the masses, much like Raven. Nonetheless, a number of webmasters are already going through the challenge of finding an alternative service nowadays. This occurs now mainly because rank tracking firms like Raven have ceased offering their services.

RankTrader Dashboard

Ranktrader allows you to access the SEO dashboard within the platform. This will make you see the creation of your sight within a specific time period. Important factors such as your site’s pagerank, backlinks, referring domains and Alexa rank are all tracked in the interface.

Rank Trader Site's Ratings and Analysis

Yet another excellent thing with regards to Ranktrader is it might have further separation of your backlinks to your site into Do Follow as well as Do Follow backlinks. This gives you a clear picture of your backlink building technique so you can be focused more in your back linking endeavours. You might know just how progressive you’re with your backlinks.

You can see the information about the amount of referring domains and this is segregated by the number of IPs referred. Ranktrader makes this feasible for they are fully aware the real essence of monitoring the progress of the site.

We can’t really refute how advantageous Ranktrader’s SEO tracking tool can be for webmasters out there. On the other hand, it’s not the sole reason why they must choose this. It lets webmasters to market the virtual shares of their website. Actually, the major advantage is that you’ll be able to sell the virtual shares of your website. As a result, you are able to boost your income.

Join RankTrader

If you’re quite inclined to participate in Ranktrader, well there will be no problem for you to join. All that you have to do is to register and there are numerous approaches to accomplish this. You can use your Facebook account, Twitter, Google+ or simply send an email to request for an invite.

Following the signing up process, you should send your site for further verification, and you can begin enjoying the easy and fantastic choices that you can get in Ranktrader. It will just take around a day to process the verification of your site, with that said you are only 24 hours away to have those advantages. For starters, you could add your website to the stock market, check out the SEO dashboard to determine how our website is doing or perhaps invite possible investors on your website through a widget code.

If you’d like to check out your site’s development, click on the Site Central then SEO and ultimately Evolution. In addition, you might like to check out the RT Analytics, which is gaining up on Google Analytics and may only exceed its performance.

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