Best And Professional Social Sharing plugins for wordpress

Social sharing buttons are very important for your site because by using that, any user can share your article and social shares are very much important for us because by that, we will get more traffic. Moreover, Any social sharing buttons will not work fine! Social shares also depends on the look and the style of social sharing buttons. So, you must have best looking social sharing buttons for your wordpress site.

There are many plugins to make your buttons interesting and appealing to get clicked! So, Here in this article, I will share plugins that are best to show Professional social sharing buttons on your blog. Actually there are paid plugins as well as free plugins. Here, I am going to include only free ones because we newbie bloggers can’t afford a plugin that is only used to show social sharing buttons. So, let us start,

1. Shareaholic

Ratings : 3.6/5.0

Shareaholic deserves first rank in this list because it has many features and the buttons created and shown by it is also the best in Look. It also comes with text to make your visitors share that article more. Not only the Social sharing buttons but Shareaholic also comes with Related posts so that you can also show related posts at the end of the articles.

Buttons are also mobile friendly or say responsive and it is 100% customizable so in mobile also, It will show you social sharing buttons so that your visitor can also share from mobile. It comes with many types of styles of buttons to choose from. So, Shareaholic is one of the best Social sharing plugin for wordpress.

2. Share Buttons

Ratings : 4.1/5.0

This is a new plugin and it has more then 2000 active installs. Ratings are best because of the features they provide to their users. It has many type of styles of social sharing buttons and you can customize them as per your need in every single article. You can select 6 different positions in each and every article as per your need.

Not only the position but you can also select size of the buttons in every article. So, By using this plugin which comes with 11 different styles and 6 different position, you can enjoy social shares done by your lovely visitors!

3. Genesis simple share

Ratings : 4.9/5.0

Yes, you are reading right. Ratings are 4.9/5.0 and it is just because of its simple and very much attractive look. I am also using this on my site and getting best results from it. It attracted me also when i was not using that plugin. When i came to know about that buttons, I started using it and this are the best! Buttons are very much simple as given below,

Genesis simple social sharing buttons


You can also select size of the buttons. It comes with 3 sizes and you can also select the types of pages on which you want to show the buttons. You can also select position from top or bottom or top-and-bottom both. So, this was the first choice of me and all i can say is this are the best!

4. Ultimate Social Media and Share Icons

Ratings : 4.9/5.0

This social sharing wordpress plugin deserves its place in this list because of its features and a look or style of the social sharing buttons they provide us for free. from 1030 total users who gave ratings to this plugins, 975 form them gave 5 out of 5 ratings after using it! It has many type of different different styles of social sharing buttons and you can select any from them for free.

You can also select animation on social sharing buttons and this buttons are also very much light and they load very fast. It also has counters in it so that they can show to visitors that how much total shares are done till now of any specific post.

You can also change text you want to show before buttons as a call to action like Please spread the word and We like social shares and anything you want.

5. Cresta Social Share Counter

Ratings : 4.8/5.0

This plugin made its place in this list because of its Ratings and features and main thing is variety of social media sharing buttons. One more thing which is unique in this plugin and which can’t be seen in any other is this plugin provides Floating social sharing buttons which will be in front of your reader every time which leads to increase in social sharing by visitor.

With social sharing buttons, It also shows total shares. You can use upto 5 buttons simultaneously with total number of shares. I am using this Plugin but i have edited it according to me. So, I recommend you to use this plugin because i am getting good results from it.


Conclusion : Social sharing buttons are very much important for your blog because with increase in social shares, you can increase your traffic. It can be done by providing best social sharing buttons to your visitors. I recommend you to use 1 static row of social sharing buttons and 1 floating column to maximize your number of social shares.

This are the best plugins and worth using plugins out of Hundreds of plugins created for this purpose. So, use this plugins and make your visitor share your article.